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Sony Earphone
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Over 46 pairs of Sony headphones have been tested. Sony is a versatile brand that offers a variety of headphones at different price points. There are many headphones that can be used casually, but there are also more expensive models with more features.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless

We’ve found the Sony WH1000XM4 wireless to be the best over-ear Sony headphones. These are the Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless over-ears. They are stronger and provide better noise isolation than the current version, particularly when it comes down to low-frequency noises like rumbling engines. The ANC feature blocks ambient noise so that you don’t get distracted while on your commute or working in a noisy office. These headphones are also more comfortable than the WH1000XM5 because they have more cushioning and provide a better fit, especially for those with smaller heads. Headphones Connect app. These headphones are sturdy and last for about 37 hours. These are not ideal for phone calls as the microphone is poor and can drown out your voice in background noise. The WH-1000XM5’s microphone has a superior noise handling performance and a better recording quality. This makes it a better choice for phone calls.

Sony WF1000XM4 Truly Wireless

We’ve found the Sony WF1000XM4 True Wireless to be the best earbuds. These in-ears, which are built to last, are the next generation SonyWF-1000XM3 TrulyWireless. They offer a better noise isolation performance and a more comfortable fit. Their ANC can block out a lot of noise, such as the low rumble from plane engines or buses, which is great if you travel a lot. The battery lasts for more than 10 hours and the carrying case can hold two additional charges. While some users like the warm, smooth sound, others may not be as fond of its dark tone or lack thereof. Like our top pick, they have an app that features an EQ and presets for sound customization.Although this generation doesn’t support NFC pairing, you can quickly connect them to supported devices using Google Fast Pair or Windows 10 Swift Pair. If you have a compatible device, they also support Sony’s LDAC codec which allows for high-resolution audio. These devices have low latency, which is great for watching videos on your phone. Their latency with iOS and PCs is however higher.

Sony Wi-C310 Wireless

We’ve found the Sony WI-C310 Wireless to be the most affordable pair of Sony headphones. The in-ear headphones come with a flexible, lightweight cable that fits around your neck. There is also an in-line remote that lets you answer calls and play music while you are on the move. Although they aren’t the most durable, they are comfortable and sturdy. They have a well-balanced sound profile with some extra boom in the bass that might suit EDM and hip hop fans. However, it doesn’t overwhelm lead vocals or instruments, making them suitable for all types of audio content. You can listen to their 17-hours of uninterrupted playback for several days without needing to recharge. They are not as good as the others on this list for their microphone performance. Your voice might sound thin if they are used for phone calls. It does a better job of separating your voice and ambient sound than other, more expensive earbuds. This is an advantage if you make occasional phone calls from noisy places such as a busy street or office.

Sony MDR-7506

We’ve found the Sony MDR-756 to be the best mix and mastering Sony headphones. The Sony MDR-7506 over-ears are a classic and have been used for many years. Their well-balanced sound has made them the best in recording. Vocals and leads instruments sound clear and accurate in mixed mixes. They deliver consistent audio across reseats, and include an adapter that allows you to connect with an amp/mixer out-of-the box. Because they don’t leak much audio, they are ideal for recording podcasts. They may not be the best choice if you want a premium experience from your headphones, as their build quality is a bit poor and plasticky. They are comfortable and lightweight, so they’re great for long studio sessions. You can fold them up for space saving if you don’t want to carry them around in your bag. The coiled audio cable can’t be detachable. However, it is over 4 feet long, which will give you more space if you need to move around.

Sony WFSP800N Truly Wireless

We have tested the Sony WF-SP800N truly wireless earphones. They are our top picks for sports earphones. The stability fin design of these colorful in-ears ensures a secure fit and comfort. They are also sturdy and IP55 certified for protection against dust and direct water contact. The headphones’ bass-heavy default profile can add extra rumble, punch and boom to keep you motivated during hard workouts. The companion app for the headphones includes a graphic editor and presets to customize sound. You can also enjoy over nine hours continuous playback, which should be enough to last for a few hard workouts. Although the ANC system does improve passive noise isolation, it is not a major feature of the earbuds. They are unable to block out low rumbles from plane and bus engines, even with the ANC turned on. They do have an ambient sound mode that allows you to hear the surrounding noises, but it is not as loud as noise cancelling. By default, they lack volume controls. To add volume controls, you can map the controls but must remove the ANC and playback functions.

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