How Long Is The Staten Island Ferry Ride Round Trip?

Staten Island Ferry
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Q. How Long Is The Staten Island Ferry Ride Round Trip?

        a) 1hr, 20 minute

        b) 1 hr

        c)  45 minutes

        d) 25 minutes

Ans:- d) 25 minutes. 

The recent survey noted that over 70,000 passengers were transported every day between the Outer Boroughs and Lower Manhattan. The Staten Island Ferry in New York City provides the service to millions of New Yorkers with quick, efficient transportation. 

Well, if you want to board just to ride, then avoid office time. During rush hour, riding is not suitable. This route is operated by the New York City Department of Transportation. It is a single route and corporate travel that runs 5.2 miles in about 25 minutes. 

The ferry is a popular attraction to visitors and local people. If you make your trip enjoyable, then the best way to take the heading steps. So, let’s start. 

The Staten Island Ferry Ride: How Long It Takes

Here are a few steps that we mentioned to understand the ways you should take to board The Staten Island Ferry. So, let’s check it out.

Planning Your Trip

If you want to drive there, you can park your four-wheeler nearby garage. Hence, during the office house, you may not get any free space to park your car because New York is a busy city. Therefore, you should reach the ferry ahead of time. 

According to the local passengers, “The St.George Ferry Terminal has 2 municipal parking lots priced at $8.00 daily. You can also purchase 3-month permits for $300. For the Whitehall terminal, the Quik Park garage is the closest parking garage at 81 Whitehall Street and costs $40 for the day.”

On this note, you can board a ferry at off-peak time. It will help you to enjoy the skyline view  and amazing scenery. Avoid 9.30 am to 11.30 am in a week, you can board past 7 pm is comparably less crowds. The busiest time is 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm on Wednesday in a week. 

Riding the Ferry

Reach the ferry terminal, either Staten Island or Lower Manhattan. Choose the terminal which is close to your home. However, both terminals are accessible by local bus and subway. The best part of this ferry is the service is completely free. 

The free service started in the late 1990s. Well, if you carry with your kids, pay extra attention to them because crowds can separate them from their parents. 

The daily passengers suggest —

  • Take the subway to the St. George ferry terminal by Line 1 or Line 5 subways. Both subways travel directly to the terminal.
  • The subway costs $2.75 if you’re using a Metro Card, and $3.00 using SingleRide tickets. MetroCards are available at subway station booths, neighborhood merchants, and MetroCard vending machines, buses, and vans.

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Experiencing New York

Once you are bored on the ferry, back your sweat and relax. This is the time to enjoy the Statue of Liberty view point. It is a 30- minute ride. The ferry will typically take 20-30 minus time. It offers a  pleasant time to enjoy the view and take pictures. If the weather is too hot, then use some cover like a hat or scruff. 

After entering the ferry, make yourself available on the right side of the ferry. And head upstairs to get the best view. You may think that this is a busy area, but it is the best way to get the view. 

Now, the time is the photo capture. You will pass several towers and bridge, like Brooklyn Bridge, and Ellis Island. If you are not carrying a DSLR, then how can you take pictures? Don’t worry; the ferry offers you a camera service. You can purchase a disposable camera which is available at the concession stand. 

Apart from this, you can purchase snacks, chocolates, and drinks from the ferry concession stand if you are hungry or thirsty. Plus, you will get a meal menu– breakfast sandwiches, coffee, burgers, juices, nacho platter. 

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Final Words

So, now you get the answer to your question. Here we are trying to share with you every detail to reach there and enjoy the view. If you have already visited the site, don’t forget to share the information which we have not mentioned here. 

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Hopefully, this article will help you out. Please let us know if you will face any problems. Don’t forget to share your words if you wish to update the time or location. 

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