Step-by-Step Guide to Wash Merino Wool Socks

merino wool socks
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Merino wool socks are famous worldwide because of their extraordinary natural features. However, many people are not aware that these socks can readily shrink if washed or treated improperly. Therefore it is critical to make sure that all your merino socks are sanitized and cleaned correctly.

In the article below you will know what you need to appropriately wash and protect your wool socks. We have mentioned specific washing instructions and procedures for your ease.

Merino Wool Socks Washing Procedure and Instructions

Undoubtedly, washing and cleaning your socks made of merino wool are pretty simple. You can simply machine wash them for ease, but usually, hand washing is highly recommended for the best results.

Below are the critical steps that you should follow to have neat and clean merino wool socks:

  1. Turn Your Socks Pair Inside Out

If you are new to socks made of merino wool, you might find washing them somehow tricky. However, in order to get the best results, make sure you follow the below-given tips and tricks:

When throwing your worn socks directly into your laundry, turning them inside out is quite a good idea. This trick primarily helps prevent their shrinkage.

Moreover, since socks contain a bulk of bacterial and fungal species that cause bad odor and create various feet problems. Therefore, turning them inside out also make sure that your socks get cleaned thoroughly.

Additionally, this trick ensures that the fibers of your socks don’t get stressed. Also, there will be fewer chances of lint on them.

Besides all, always ensure that you keep and wash the socks separately based on their style and color.

  1. Wash the Merino Socks in Cold or Warm Water Completing a Gentle Cycle

Typically, washing clothes directly in too much hot water is never recommended as the excess heat can somehow weaken the garment fibers and fade their colors.

However, it is significant to use both warm and cold water and wash your socks in a gentle water cycle. That ensures that your socks and their germs are properly cleaned away.

Additionally, your washing machine may have a wool or knitting cycle that you can use to wash socks much more easily. If it does have such an option, you must be able to use it.

Thus, you can cleanse your merino wool socks by soaking and washing them for about ten minutes in a cold and warm water cycle. You may also place them in a watertight bag filled with mild-temperature water for some time.

  1. Use a Neutral-pH Soap or Detergent

If you are wishing to maintain the softness and elasticity of your merino wool socks for an extended period, then you should always wash them using a neutral-pH detergent.

The soaps and detergents with neutral pH primarily help keep your socks prevented from shrinking. That ultimately means that your feet will stay comfortable for a longer period in them.

In addition to that, always remember never to use fabric softener or bleach on merino socks. Both these can badly damage them.

Important Things to Keep in Mind During This Step

a)         Make sure that the watertight bag filled with water is gently shaken after adding a minute amount of detergent or soap.

b)         Roughly after 15 minutes, gently shake the bag and then leave it for another 15 minutes.

c)         After some time shake the bag gently once again but this time with fresh water in order to rinse out the soap.

d)         Lastly, repeat the above-mentioned steps if necessary, until you feel that all the soap has been removed from your socks.

4.      Tumble Dry Low or Air Dry

It is always best to air dry or tumble dry on low density. That will greatly help keep most socks made of merino wool prevented from shrinking.

In addition to that, the air drying technique also helps your socks retain their original shape, making it much easier to remove odors and stains without sacrificing their elasticity and softness.


One of the best ways to wash and protect your merino wool socks is to wash them inside out while ensuring that all the filth and dirt are removed from both sides. For this, you will have to take different washing steps like soaking them turn by turn in gently warm and cold water along with a neutral PH detergent. Or you can also use some kind of home washer to clean the dirt and stains out of your merino socks and use them in the long run. Once you know the step-by-step procedure, washing your socks made of merino wool will no longer be a problem for you.

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