Step One:

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Maintaining dental health is important for all people, but it can be particularly difficult for those with darkly pigmented gums. Multifocal pigmentation in the gums and oral mucus membranes are not a health threat, but many people still feel that darkly pigmented gums limit the self-confidence afforded by a bright white smile. The first step to whitening your teeth is figuring out what type of stains you have. There are five different types of stains: intrinsic (from foods or beverages), extrinsic (from tobacco or other substances), mixed, intrinsic-extrinsic, and extrinsic-extrinsic.
Different methods are used to target each type of stain differently.

Step Two:

When it comes to oral health, many people are more concerned with the appearance of their teeth than their dental health. This is where the idea of multifocal pigmentation comes in. Multifocal pigmentation is a term that describes the darker pigments that can appear on your gums or oral mucus membranes.

Step Three:

The most common cause of darkly pigmented gums is chronic exposure to tobacco and its by-products. In addition, people with darker skin may have more melanin in their gum tissue, which causes coloration. This condition does not pose a health risk but can affect self-confidence. Dentists recommend that you keep regular oral hygiene habits and visit your dentist for regular checkups to make sure the pigment does not become permanent.

Step Four:

A bright smile is an instant confidence booster in any social situation. Regardless of a person’s cultural background, age, or gender, the way their teeth appear can have a profound impact on their self-esteem and how they feel about themselves. For many people, darkly pigmented gums are the unfortunate byproduct of genetics. Luckily for them, this does not pose a health threat. However, for many people with darker pigments in the gums and oral mucus membranes, it can make them feel as though their teeth are not as bright as they would like them to be.

Final Thoughts:

Much like wearing makeup, the desire for a white smile is understandable. It can give you that extra boost of confidence when it comes to your appearance. However, there is no evidence that darkly pigmented gums or oral mucus membranes are a health threat. So as long as you have good dental hygiene habits, you’re likely not risking your health with darker gums or oral mucus membranes.


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