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So, when you read this word “suicide”, what sort of thoughts come to your mind, do you picture a depressed person that needs attention? Or you see a horrible bloody picture and say “I’ll never ever do that!”? Or you may honestly search yourself and find that at some point in your life, this seems to be the only way out?

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Suicide in reality is real and tragic, not only it affects the person that commits it, but also people around. Believe it or not millions in the world everyday are facing the threat suicide and friends and families of the victims often feel sorry about their lack of attention and care to the victims afterward.

Suicidal acts and thoughts is an epidemic that runs across all ethnicity, socio-economic, sex and age group. It is just like the problem of obesity, those who are ignorant about their diet and physical fitness will get affected one way or another. So, we should not boil the fact down to few cliche such as “teenagers that lack attention will kill themselves” or “a poor man that just lost his job will commit suicide”, because again and again we see well established executive CEO and housewives commit suicides. Depression is the genesis of almost all suicide cases, constantly mingling around troublesome thoughts will make a person impaired of judgment and hence inflict harm on themselves. Strains of living, the lost of love ones and the lack of money are generally the causes, while of course there are others.

Suicide in terms of losing the love ones is not always the case of crumbling of a long stable relationship or someone departed, it can also be in a case such as a high school boy saw his girlfriend kissing another boy. Could be also an mentally stable adult flashing back memories of abuse or negligence during childhood hence build emotional walls around him/herself, shunts away from care and love of people around, and in long term such involuntary self isolation leads to loneliness and hence suicide. Love is a feeling you are being “accepted”, which make you have the sense of worth and acceptance. Love, regardless it is from parents, friends or sexual partners, is vital for healthy life. People that suffer the lack of love gravitate toward introversion of personality, then depression, and ultimately suicide.

Money to many of us is an essential for life, some people crave for more others struggle to get enough. The lack of money makes many people feel helpless and hence severe depression and suicide. It may be the case that you have no attachment to crave or lack of money, but yet there are people that are deeply affected by the amount of money you have, they are those that rely on you for financial support. Or it could be the case that, you have money and hence more reliable and this put you in a position of power, to some this is a fact too overwhelming to handle.

Suicideboys Merch Official Shop for Real Suicideboys Fans and Official G59 Merch Fans. Get the Latest Edition of G59 Hoodies and Shirts.

Money and love are unfortunately the leading cause of suicidal thoughts affecting millions of people young and old worldwide. So if you have hint that someone you care or know is having suicidal thought, do not hesitate to intervene immediately, because they may be at the point where if only someone would react to their emotions, their live can be saved. Others may need to resort to medical attention. One way or another, helping a person with suicidal thought is a heroic life saving act.