The 6 Innovative Technologies Available For Travel Distributors

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It’s no doubt that technology has brought a serious revolution in many fields. Tourism is of no exemption. The various inventions have changed how people travel and their experiences while at the same time improving significant aspects related to traveling. 

There are different stages of traveling, whether for vacation or business trips. In all stages, technology has tried to revolutionize how things are done. 

The following article will look at some fantastic technological inventions for travel distributors. 

What Is Travel Technology? 

Travel technology uses tech to plan and enhance the traveling experience. Most travel agencies use technology to facilitate bookings of hotel accommodations, travel tickets, car hire, and other traveling logistics for their customers. 

Through travel technology, there has been a paradigm shift in travel distribution. Travel agencies must familiarize themselves with these changes and understand how to apply them effectively.   

Here Are Innovative Technologies for Travel Distributors 

1. Mobile Technology 

Mobile technology is one of the significant innovations that brought a booming shift in travel distribution. Through a mobile phone, you can plan and enhance your travel experience like never before. 

For example, a mobile phone can access a Google map to provide you with all directions, locate the best hotel, and all other crucial travel logistics. 

Further, the mobile phone plays a vital role when it comes to security and safety when you are traveling. In case of any emergency, you can call or send a text asking for help. You can also install different applications on your mobile phone to keep you busy while traveling. For example, you can enjoy a video game or read your favorite book. 

Innovative Technologies

2. Virtual Reality (VR) 

Virtual reality is a significant emerging trend in the travel world. Though it has been used in various sectors, it plays a vital role in enhancing the traveling experience. Through virtual reality, you can experience distant places from the comfort of your home before deciding whether to visit the place physically. 

Virtual reality enables you to make the right decisions when it comes to booking. For example, you can experience the virtual reality of the available hotels and restaurants, enticing sites, and different serene areas. As a travel distributor, you can have a competitive advantage in the travel market by adopting such tech over those yet to adopt them. Virtual reality is also a better way to assure your clients of their safety and build their trust. 

Women using virtual Travel glasses

3. AI Chatbot 

You can only win your customer trust by your timely response to their inquiries and complaints. You can take advantage of the AI chatbot to enable you to make all your client’s responses on a 24/7 basis. AI chatbot is a vital travel technology that can help improve your reliability and customer relation. It enables you to meet your client’s expectations.   

However, the chatbot best answers simple questions requiring standard answers. Therefore, you should regularly visit your chatbot to engage your clients on complex questions. They can play a significant role in answering inquiries regarding security and safety and stipulated hygiene measures, among other essential questions. 

Artificial intelligence

4. Internet of Things (IoT) 

The Internet of things is a fantastic travel technology innovation that has brought an outstanding revolution. The Internet of things allows interconnectivity of all the crucial devices where you can send and receive data.   

For example, you can enhance your customer’s experience in a hotel or restaurant by providing a device that will enable them to control basics such as heaters, lights, and air conditioning. 

IOT concept

5. Cyber Security Measures 

Cyber-attacks and cases of hacking have increased in recent days. You will deal with crucial customer data in the travel industry and must protect them at all costs from any data breaches. Therefore, cyber security measures technology enables you to protect your data and ensure the safety of your customer’s data. 

To enhance the security of your data, you can invest in various software and applications that will ensure end-to-end encryption of all communicated data. Further, you can also have multiple hardware that will help keep your vital data safe. Ensure you also comply with the various regulation and laws regarding data protection 

6. Cashless Payments 

Contactless payment is another emerging trend in travel technology that has enhanced customers’ travel experience. Travel companies have also benefited as they can now process all the payments on time and avoid long queues on their premises.   Customers will not have to travel with their debit, credit cards, or cash. This has also enhanced the security and safety of all clients. 

Customers can also enjoy transactions through available applications at lower or no cost. This has proven to be hygienic and more convenient, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. 

Wrapping Up 

Technology has brought a significant shift in travel distribution. Travel agencies are improving their services through these technological advancements while customers enjoy better experiences. You can adopt these technological innovations as a travel distributor, giving you an upper hand over your competitors. These technological advancements are endless, and new trends are still emerging. Traveling through the world from the comfort of your couch is now possible. You can enjoy the simplified booking and planning process for all your trips. 

Kevin Peter