The 8 Biggest Apple Stores in The World

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Many experts questioned Apple’s decision to launch some retail locations in 2001. Still, the time has proven that this was a wise and well-considered move to increase brand recognition and awareness. Apple stores currently serve an average of 12,700 people per week at each of their 283 locations throughout ten countries. Please read our Biggest Apple Stores.

The Apple Corporation has also received many architectural awards for its store designs. Each Apple retail location is built to impress customers and establish Apple as the source of all things trendy and modern, just like their products. Out of many trend-setting features of Apple stores, the most well-known one is a big fancy for glass, almost everything is made of glass that gives a unique touch to the buildings. Apple offers high-quality apple products at an affordable price. We have significant experience in using these products. If you want to read more about Apple, click on Apple Review.The 10 Biggest Apple Stores in The World

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Biggest Apple Stores

Largest & Most Popular Apple Stores in The World:

  1. Apple Store, Dubai

Apple has recently opened its first official store in the middle east. This is also the biggest store of the company in the world. Although this is the first Apple retail location in the UAE, but it’s not the only one. Exactly three hours after this one opened, Apple opened a second location in Abu Dhabi. This Apple store features Dubai’s iconic green trees and the company’s primary design aesthetic of wooden furniture. Please read our Biggest Apple Stores.

  1. Apple’s Regent Street Store, London:

This store was recognised as the biggest Apple Store in the world before the one in Dubai. With over 28,000 square feet of selling space, it is a 99th-story building. It is located inside the historic structure owned by the renowned Thomas Cook Travel Agency. Because the English monarchy owns this Apple retail location, Queen Elizabeth always purchases Apple products. Please read our Biggest Apple Stores.

  1. George Street Store, Sydney:

In addition to being the third-largest Apple store in the world, this location has the longest Genius Bar of any place to assist customers. Please read our Biggest Apple Stores. It also has a more exciting claim to fame: its shopfront features the largest seamless glass panes and the brand’s largest logo.

  1. Boylston Street Store, Boston, United States:

This is reportedly the biggest Apple store in the United States having more than 20,000 square feet of retail space. A three-story modern glass storefront differentiates it from a typical Apple store design and has adequate product shelf space. Please read our Biggest Apple Stores. This store has a unique roof, which is a beautiful garden residence.

  1. Fifth Avenue, New York City:

This Apple retail store is one of the most recognisable locations in the world due to its iconic glass cubic entrance, which attracts thousands of fans who wait in line to purchase the company’s latest product. The location of this store, on the corner of Central Park and Fifth Avenue, is also a source of attraction for tourists from all over the world, who crowd inside all day to get a glimpse of the store’s underground floor space. It is the 147th Apple store and isn’t particularly large compared to other large stores, but it is clearly one of the world’s most famous Apple retail stores. Please read our Biggest Apple Stores.

  1. Opera Store, Paris:

Unlike many popular stores that are known for their metal detailing and modern glass, this Apple store is housed in a 130-year-old building that the company restored. This building is frequently appreciated and criticised for its truly unique architectural design interior, which is covered in end-to-end details, giving it a romantic vibe and adhering to French tradition. Please read our Biggest Apple Stores. Overall, this store features a unique combination of brass and stonework, mosaic floor tiling, and sculpted ceilings, making it a must-see location.

  1. Apple Ginza, Tokyo:

This is a five-story Apple Store in Tokyo’s Ginza district. It was the first store outside of the United States and is the tallest in the chain. This store’s staff is highly trained, and the majority of them speak more than ten languages. This store is known for its unique elevator design, which features the most up-to-date floor-by-floor information displays with no buttons. Please read our Biggest Apple Stores.

  1. Beijing Store, China:

This is Apple’s first store in mainland China, marking the company’s entry into the major Chinese consumer market. Please read our Biggest Apple Stores. This Apple store is primarily aimed at locals rather than visiting tourists, indicating the brand’s intention to convert Chinese people into loyal Mac consumers. This retail store is well-known for its large box structure.

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