The Benefits of Anhui Medical University Studying MBBS in China

While studying MBBS in China, you may come into contact with the most talented MBBS students from many countries and cultures.

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Anhui Medical University is gradually becoming a popular choice among medical students. This public institution is well known for its fundamental educational pedagogy. Its world-class facilities and opportunities for global exposure allow for an intake of 19000 students per year. This medical facility, on the other hand, has 4000 expert employees to guide the candidates. They primarily strive to generate a large number of medical experts for the country. This leading university provides a plethora of perks to the candidates. Aspirants who seek a shorter study period may consider this university.

Anhui Medical University Studying MBBS in China

As a result, you might invest in this university to obtain a worldwide recognized medical degree. Anhui Medical University is a public provincial university in Hefei, China, founded in 1926. Professor Cao Yunxia is the university’s president, and it has about 4000 administrative employees. Eklavya Overseas is one of India’s leading education consultants, offering low-cost Studying MBBS in China admission to Anhui Medical University in China. Anhui Medical University, a top MBBS university in China, has on-campus multi-specialty hospitals. These super specialties health clinics and hospitals offer the best chances for medical research and internships. They promote the best medical abilities by funding advanced medical research and providing appropriate scholarships.

Medical studies are available for six years, including a one-year internship option. If you are looking for security, this university is a good choice for you. They have strict safety and security arrangements in place for the pupils. Students are also given the option of working part-time to help them manage their tuition expenditures. Furthermore, internal collaboration and alliances help them achieve high rankings in elite universities. The most notable aspect is that this medical institute has multi-specialty hospitals to treat a wide range of patients. As a result, students will have plenty of opportunities to hone their clinical abilities here. Candidates are also given advanced research opportunities and scholarships.

Anhui Medical University’s Departments

  • Medical Practice
  • Medical Psychiatry
  • Rehabilitation
  • Iconography
  • Anesthesia
  • Cosmetic Medical Science
  • International School for Students

The Benefits of Anhui Medical University Studying MBBS in China

Chinese medical institutes, especially Anhui Medical University, have the best MBBS faculties in the world, capable of meeting worldwide MBBS education standards. NMC and WHO-approved MBBS universities in China support low-cost English-medium studying MBBS in China programs.

Eklavya Overseas provides straightforward and smooth admission to China’s leading English medium MBBS universities. With our assured services, you can gain straight admission to Anhui Medical University and other Chinese MBBS colleges without taking any entrance exams.

  • MBBS Fees at a Low Cost
  • Admission by Direct Admission
  • Advanced Academic conveniences
  • Hospitals in the modern era
  • International Student Scholarships
  • Outstanding Faculty
  • Opportunities for Employment

Anhui Medical University in China offers a great educational environment for MBBS students. While studying MBBS in China, you may come into contact with the most talented MBBS students from many countries and cultures. Medical universities in China are among the few schools in the world with a substantially higher faculty-student ratio than others.

Anhui Medical University’s MBBS program lasts four years

Courses in Chinese medicine will take six years to finish. Five years of classroom training in which they will receive the necessary training. A yearlong apprenticeship will be combined with practical instruction. However, this begins after the school programs are completed. The apprenticeship will provide hands-on experience in surgeries, operations, and other related training to assist them in dealing with any situation that may arise. This will also provide them with the necessary exposure.

Anhui Medical University’s MBBS intake:

As of the end of June/early July, the intake capacity of China’s leading medical universities was limited. The pupils they are accepting are from all around the world. With world-class infrastructure, reasonable costs, and a diverse culture, these colleges provide a safe and secure environment for their international students. Apply to universities as soon as possible before they are full.

Eligibility for the MBBS program at Anhui Medical University

  • The applicant must have a STEM background that includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • The total score in all of the above-mentioned subjects should be 70%.
  • The following subjects require two years of study experience.
  • They must be competent in English and able to converse effectively.
  • The upper and lowest eligible age limits are 25 and 17, respectively.

Anhui Medical University’s Teaching Medium:

The medium of instruction is predominantly English, although students are likely to receive Chinese language training for a year since institutions believe that knowledge of the Chinese language will help them flourish in local treatment and practices. However, this is only for the first year, as the rest of their training is in English. It may appear frightening, but it is not.

Anhui Medical University Admissions Procedure

Step 1:

The following documents are required:

  • Form of Application
  • one passport-sized photograph
  • Marksheets from the individual board or council of education for the 11th and 12th grades.
  • Certificate of Completion of Secondary School
  • 11th and 12th-grade certificates from the relevant board or council of education
  • Copy of a valid passport, including the photo page.
  • All of the documents listed above must be notarized and attested by the appropriate authorities.
  • Certificates of participation in extracurricular activities (in the field of study, sports, volunteering, dancing, drama, etc.)

Step 2:

Once you have provided all of the required documents, Eklavya Overseas will carefully review them and forward them to the Admission Committee for International Students at the university of your choice.

Step 3:

The student must pay the application, admission, and processing fees as specified by the university. The application cost as well as the processing fee must be paid in advance.

Step 4:

The processing costs might be transferred to either China or India, depending on which comes first.

Step 5:

We will do everything for you and send you an official photocopy of your Admission Letter provided by the University within seven working days of receiving payment. In addition, we process your paperwork for submission to China’s Ministry of Education for the issuance of the JW2O2 form, which is required by the Chinese embassy in your country to issue a Student Visa. The materials will be delivered to you by FedEx or expedited mail.

Step 6:

Once these documents are obtained – the Admission Letter and the JW2O2 Form (visa form) – the student visa process can begin in collaboration with your country’s nearest Chinese Embassy/Consulate. The following documents are necessary when applying for a visa:

  • A current passport
  • Recent passport-sized photos
  • Form for Obtaining a Visa
  • JW202 Form (Bring the original copy with you when you visit China)
  • The University has issued an admission letter.
  • Physical Examination Record / Health Check-up Form

Step 7:

After receiving the Visa, please notify us immediately, and we will arrange for air tickets and notify you of the day and time of your departure from your country.

Step 8:

When you arrive in China, our representative will meet you at the airport and assist you in finding the University Hostel. The representative will also assist you in paying the Admission and Administrative fees at the University counter where you will be entering the study MBBS in China program the following morning.

Step 9:

The Student will not encounter any difficulties because he or she will be directed till our Representatives have completed the full process.

Step 10:

It takes approximately one month from the moment you obtain the Admission Letter from us to the time your China Visa is issued by your home country.