The Best E-Commerce Marketing Calendar Plan

The Best E-Commerce Marketing Calendar Plan
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The Best E-Commerce Marketing Calendar Plan – Not everyone has a map they need, and as of today’s date, e-commerce is booming and is expected to increase to $4.058 trillion by 2020 which is a very large number indeed.

So, here we have a solid plan to show you what really works.

1) Build your base

Hire the right people and the right people for your WooCommerce business. Plan according to where you want to see your business. Create social media profiles, email subscriber list, and automation services like MailChimp. Stan Lee Tribute

Some of the plugins that can help you a lot are-

For marketing automation management – Hubspot WooCommerce Integration Pro, Mautic WooCommerce Integration.

2) Start content marketing

Make your content rich and keep up with what your competitors are doing.

Try to analyze good industry content.

Share your content on social channels.

Show them what they can do, not what you have.

Use SEO research to create a blog. 37R Blog

3) Social media platform

Use social media ROI (use UTM codes, use built-in analytics).

Interact with your fans.

Use paid options properly to increase your traffic.

4) Attract customers

Use Google Adwords for your ads which can be highly responsive. The right audience and the use of effective and effective keywords are most important.

Eyes lead customers to products that look attractive. Use plugins like WooCommerce Gift Card to attract customers with attractive cards.

Giving them points for their purchase can do the same. Use Woocommerce Points and Rewards.

Give them points and coupon codes.

5) Use email marketing

Customize your tour emails to make your customers feel valued.

Customize your messages by age, location, and industry.

Use an influencer marketing campaign.

6) Watch and learn

Correctly analyze the results obtained.

Learn from your mistakes.

Use Google Analytics (a free tool) to analyze your customers.

Analyze and learn from your mistakes and improve

7) Attract more traffic

passage!! Something every shop owner wants.

Offer discounts/coupons using plugins available on WordPress and codecanyon.

Use a free chart with your products.

Use holidays and festive seasons to increase your sales (Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, etc.)

8) Grow using affiliate partnerships

Use your homepage to create affiliates by providing a section for them.

Review before joining.

9) Find the sources that bring in more traffic

Focus on better CPC.

Re-analyze your data and look for improvements to your site.

Update old ads with good content, taking ideas from those that are working well.

10) Strategize with your teammates

Enlist the help of your teammates to build a great strategy from results so far, because they’ve been with you from the start.
Unite, we will fall if divided.

11) Start some free products and services.

Everyone loves free stuff. Start sweepstakes.

Think of quizzes or contests with gifts and prizes.

Yay!! Thank you for the gift.

Now you can see your traffic peak.

It is an effective and simple method. Hurdles may arise, but learn to improve and rise. Thanks for reading

I hope this helps you.

Alexie BoB