The Best Snack Subscription Boxes To Satisfy Food Craving 

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It’s one thing to eat; it’s another thing to be full, but it’s much more to satisfy your food craving. People quickly pick up eating habits, but many don’t get what they desire. Figuring out the right snack to suit your specific cravings is a lot more challenging than it looks.  

Luckily, snack subscription boxes offer you varieties to choose from. Instead of trying out one box after another to select the best for you, we have gone around the various subscription boxes to pick your favorite. We also realized you might want to spend only some of your earnings on snacks. 

  1. Carnivore Club 

Do you want to know what makes a good snack subscription box? Do you want to take your subscription to a new level? From varieties, values, and customers’ ratings to packaging and delivery, Carnivore Club is the name on everyone’s lips. 

Carnivore Club offers nothing less than a top quality snack subscription box. With four fantastic options, cherry-pick your way to your favorite box. The famous Classic Box contains 4 – 6 premium cured meats. Such things as you won’t find in your local grocery stores – salamis, prosciuttos, bacon, and lots more at $49.99. 

Or you prefer the Complete Box, which traditionally contains everything you need to make a charcuterie board. They include 2 premium handcrafted cured meat and 3 – 4 complementary pairings, such as cheese, jams, olives, and mustard, at $49.99. 

Jerky Club is yet another gift for snack lovers. It’s budget-friendly and contains 100% jerky at an affordable cost of $19.99 per month. On the other hand, the Snack Box is jam-packed with premium meat snacks designed to satisfy busy guys who love meat on the go. You can make a one-time purchase at $34.99 

  1. Universal Yums 

International folks who snack around the world love this box because it’s yummy. It can go with you anywhere you go around the world. With over 5 million boxes shipped, Universal Yums is ready to locate you. Universal Yums is country-specific; it delivers to you wherever you are, anywhere in the world. The beauty of this tasty snack box is that you don’t need to travel worldwide to test each country’s specialty; you can enjoy international treats from your subscription. 

What’s in a box? First, a 12-16 page booklet to guide your journey into cultural exploration, play trivia, learn snack history, and lots more. 

  • Yum Box: Starting at $15, Yum Box contains 5 – 7 snacks 
  • Yum Yum Box: Contains everything in the Yum Box plus extra 5 snacks, starting at $26. 
  • Super Yum Box: 15 – 18 snacks, including unique drinks and bonus content such as recipes, activities, etc., from $41. 

The box is named “Universal” for a reason; if you ever need a snack subscription box as a gift or for personal use while skimping out of town, Universal Yums is your best bet. 

  1. Bokksu 

If you’re a lover of new things, especially foreign delicacies, try out Bokksu. Bokksu offers the most snacks and drinks among the Japanese snack subscription boxes. Bokksu is a game changer because it changes its box every month.  

Bokksu has traveled to over 100 countries with its curated market of premium lifestyle goods. If you want to know what Japan tastes like, purchase a Bokksu box. To experience Japan from your home, subscribe and get a box delivered to your home monthly. You’ll receive snacks, tea, cakes, mochi, and more. 

Each box is unique and yummy and can make an excellent gift. Moreover, Bokksu offers unique options, such as an annual subscription at $39.99 a month, which saves you about $120 monthly. If you want to save $36 from your subscription, you can go for the 6-month subscription at $43.99. They still have a 3-month subscription at $45.99 per month, which saves you $12. 

Bokksu also has a 1 monthly subscription at $49.99. You can cancel your subscription anytime, and you get delivery anytime. 

  1. SnackCrate 

SnackCrate welcomes you to Belgium. If you want to have a feel of Belgian treats, please subscribe to the SnackCrate snack box. To enjoy savory lay grills, buttery Belgian waffles, decadent Belgian chocolate, etc., SnackCrate offers them all. 

To cut a long story short, SnackCrate offers you a Belgian crate gift when you start your multi-month subscription journey with them. 

How does it work? Yeah, choose a crate of mini, original, or family size. Select the country where you want your box delivered to you. The surprise? You’ve just imported snacks from Belgium! Enjoy delicious snacks imported exclusively for you. Starting at $17.99 

SnackCrate offers an adventure ticket that can win you a ticket to Belgium. They are ready to replace your crate if you’re not feeling the adventure (at no extra cost!). With over 2.5 million crates shipped worldwide, join the teeming fans to treat your taste bud to something new.  

  1. Love With Food 

Love With Food by SnackNation is a budget-friendly snack subscription box. With just $7.99 per month, the box offers you a snack-themed alternative to a healthy diet; you can easily call it a healthy snack.  

If you love something organic, something all-natural, or gluten-free snacks, then Love With Food is your companion. Curated with snacks to meet a wide range of dietary needs, with innovative food brands, the concept is to say goodbye to added chemicals and boring grocery selections. 

What are the subscription packages available? 

  • Tasting, with 7 snacks 
  • Deluxe, with 15 snacks 
  • Gluten-Friendly, with about 10 snacks. 

The mission is to kick hunger out of the United States of America through free meals donation to American families. 

  1. Snack Sack 

Start your snacking journey smartly with Snack Sack. If you’re wondering what’s unique about snacks, let Snack Sack provide the answer: to kick out artificial junk from the sack! The idea is to provide a box of natural ingredients full of deliciousness. 

Snack Sack offers the best seasonal snacks, nutritious goodies, and guaranteed satisfaction. Your health and happiness are their joy. 

See what unique snacking packages they have for you. 

  • Classic 
  • Vegan  
  • Gluten-Free 
  • Vegan + Gluten-Free 

Snack Sack offers you several terms to pick from; 

  • 1 month at $27.95 per box 
  • 3 months at $27.65 per box 
  • 6 months at $27.33 per box 
  • 12 months at $26.91 per box 

Your monthly subscription includes 11 – 13 snacks, curated for seasonal themes and flavors, and can be an excellent gift for your loved ones, especially those far away from home. You have high-quality snacks delivered to your home every month. 


In arriving at the best snack subscription boxes to satisfy your food craving, we considered certain factors that appeal to consumers. These include allergies, varieties by companies, exclusive deals such as perks for customers, values, good customer ratings, and feedback. 

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