The Different Types of Hoverboards- Making the Right Choice

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Hoverboards are modern, levitating boards that can cover short distances. These are instilled with self-balancing technology that lets you stand on it, balance yourself, and enjoy the ride.

Moreover, Escooter UK comes with a rechargeable battery where a good one can last 2-3 hours, letting you explore the surrounding without any hindrance. Most include Bluetooth, built-in speakers and LED lights that add to the entire experience of the ride.

Are you already tempted to buy a hoverboard? But before you jump into a quick decision, it is important to understand the different types of electric scooters available out there!

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Types of Hoverboards

Self-balancing scooters are widely arranged in two categories: single-wheel board and two-wheel board.

Two-wheel Electric Scooters

The two-wheel e-scooters are the most commonly used ones and include:

  • 10-inch

This type comes with 10-inches tires, the biggest ones you can find on any self-balancing board. They have great battery life and perform amazingly, but they are expensive. Thus, the big size lets you ride at high speed on all terrains without damage.

  • 8-inch

Electric scooters with 8-inch or 8.5-inch wheels are more versatile and are one of the most common in demand in the UK. These can run at high speed and cover long distances on a single charge.

Moreover, most are embedded with LED light, Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in speaker that lets you put on your favourite songs while you ride it with friends. And since these segways are safe and strong built, it makes them a perfect ride for kids and adults.

  • 6-inch

The 6-inch Hoverboards are lightweight and affordable. Most of these models can speed up to 7-8 mph, which is great for kids and beginners with no prior experience riding a board.

And since it is lightweight, children can carry and control it much more easily compared to bigger models, thus making it safe for your little ones.

  • 4.5-inch

If your 8-year-old kid asks for a self-balancing board, there is no point in stopping them from having fun. The 4.5-inch hoverboard is best for younger kids who will experience it for the first time.

The board has smaller wheels, so it can only manage weight up to 150 lbs, which is ideal for kids to ride and control.

One-wheel Electric Scooters

The latest addition to the e-scooter family is the one-wheel hoverboard. Unlike the two-wheel scooters that use self-balancing technology, these one-wheel segways use self-adjustment, where you need to balance it yourself.

If you look closely at it, the wheel is fixed right in the middle of the board, and you stand on it with both feet on each side of the wheel. The best thing about this board is the speed. You can ride it at high speed and go on a wild ride if you aren’t scared of adventure.

But keep in mind, that this type isn’t suitable for beginners as it takes a lot of practice and heart to own it.

What is the Best Choice?

Both two-wheel hoverboards and one-wheel hoverboards have their advantage. Where the two-wheel self-balancing scooters are ideal for beginners and people concerned with safety, the Tow-wheel Segways let you do high-speed tricks.

So, which one you choose depends on your experience and use. Plus, the one-wheel Segway isn’t suggested for kids since you need to balance it yourself, which can be difficult for children. But for you, the choice is completely yours. If you are into adventure and fun and looking to ride at high speed, choose the latter. And if you are starting new, go for the traditional ones because they are much easier to control.