The Look of Instagram Web Has Changed: Here’s What’s New

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If you’ve avoided using it previously, you might give Instagram’s web platform another go. That’s because Instagram recently updated and made a case for using it. Even though Instagram has had a lot of changes in 2022, this is one of the most significant updates to date.

The online site of the social media network owned by Meta has undergone design improvements. You’ve undoubtedly heard a few tidbits about it, but we’re here to fill you in. Let’s start shortly.

Instagram Web Now Looks Different

The login page of Instagram Parental has been updated and improved. Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, tweeted about the new look as one of its “final features.” According to Mosseri:

We wanted to ensure that Instagram was the best online experience possible because we know that many people multitask while using the internet. As a result, it is now more efficient, quicker, and simpler to use, and it has been updated to make use of large-screen displays, which are increasingly common.

And he is right. Many Instagram users have been complaining about the poor web platform for a while. Like on Facebook, they have a legitimate want to browse their feeds while working quickly. But using Instagram’s online platform has been different.

The mobile and online platforms for Instagram are very dissimilar. The mobile app has often been favored by users simply because it is easier to use. For example, until Instagram started testing a PC upload capability with some users in June 2022, you could only upload posts on the web platform for a short time.

Instead, Instagram has concentrated on enhancing the mobile app. Instagram released a visual update in May 2022 that changed how the app looked.

Users were forced to rely on the mobile app because the web platform, except for providing a PC upload feature, had fallen behind. Whatever the case, the highly awaited web platform change is a positive move. But precisely what has changed? Let’s look at it.

What Has Changed in the Redesign of Instagram Web?

Upon logging into Instagram online, you’ll see the difference right away. The design is significantly more efficient and well-organized. The feed in the center, two side panes on either side of the screen, and Stories at the top make up the four primary areas. The Home, Search, Messages, and Notifications tabs have been moved to the left pane along with the Explore, Create, Profile, and More tabs. Depending on your screen size, these tabs can expand or collapse into icons.

Your profile is displayed in the side pane to the right, where you can quickly move to another profile by clicking a button. The majority of the area is taken up by the Profile Suggestions listed below.

The left pane does not update when you choose and see a post in the feed, navigate through someone’s profile, or choose a profile suggestion on the right. That makes navigating easier because you can easily choose any tab on the left while browsing through someone’s profile without having to go back.

Instagram’s website is undoubtedly more user-friendly with the new design. It makes it simpler to navigate and get to the information you need quickly. Instagram is slowly introducing a new look to users.

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