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Did you know that the most emotional messages to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend can completely change the course of your relationship? You might feel a little silly at first, but try it out and you’ll see what I mean. Your sweetheart will have no idea what just hit them! For even more amazing advice, including how to text your significant other when they’re mad at you, check out the rest of this blog!

What is eHeyo?

eHeyo is a cloud-based service designed to help people generate and send beautiful images, quotes and short messages. eHeyo makes it easy to create lasting impressions that do more than just say words. By adding your own creativity, you can say more of what’s in your heart and express yourself in ways you’ve always wanted to. eHeyo helps you create emotional messages and connect with others in new ways. It’s for creating pictures for use on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest – and beyond!

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How it works

eHeyo is an exciting new start-up in social media and we’re looking for people like you to join us as part of our team. As a member of eHeyo, your job will be to send messages and posts out on behalf of your favorite influencers through our service. You can pick and choose what you like so it’s a great way to stay engaged with your favorite celebrities or brands. We charge a small fee for each message sent but all that income goes directly back into your pockets, enabling you to make money from home.

When should you send a message?

The best time to send a message is immediately after meeting someone. When you wait too long, you run out of things to say and may appear desperate. Don’t worry about whether or not she got your message; eHeyo will let you know if she opened it, and if she did, her bio shows when your message was sent. If it has been more than ten minutes since you sent her a message—or thirty minutes since you made contact in real life—go ahead and send another one. If that doesn’t work, try sending two in quick succession; she might have missed your first one in all of the excitement of getting her drink ordered.

What should the message contain?

It depends on your situation. eHeyo helps increase engagement, which means more impressions and hopefully more responses. From our knowledge, a lot of messages can be confusing. First you have to message to make contact, then wait for her to respond, and then send another message with another compliment. It’s time consuming! But we’ve got an even better way to win over your crush or girlfriend – send a message that makes her emotional!

cool things about using eHeyo is a powerful tool that will enable you to express yourself in new ways. It takes just minutes to get started, and once you are there you’ll notice three things. You now have all these new ways to impress her with emotional messages. You’ll be sending a message that she will want to keep coming back to, since your eHeyo messages have depth. They’re going to be seeing you for who YOU are, not some fictional character. They’ll see you at your best and most vulnerable moments. As I mentioned above, it only takes minutes to set up your account – go ahead and click on eHeyo today!

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