The Nightlife of Manchester: Top Places

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The beauty of travel is that there is something to everyone’s liking. Some people choose to travel to explore other locations, others like a change of scenery and finally some people like to learn about new cultures and foreign traditions. Very often people get so exhausted during the day strolling around that they neglect to go out at night and get the feel of the nightlife of the city. Once in Manchester, you really do not want to miss such an opportunity, as it is a great part of the city life. Besides, the nightlife is so diverse and has so much to offer, that you should really take advantage of Manchester car hire and set out exploring the city.

Table of Contents

Music Bars

The city has been home to some of the most famous music icons and can truly boast some of the truly inspiring artists. If you want to learn more about the city vibe and traditions then you should try to find cheap car hire and set out on an adventure. If you are planning on having some fun late at night, then you should try to visit some of the most popular music bars in the city. It would be a great way to get a taste of the local music scene without getting stuck in the overcrowded spaces, then you ought to check out the music bars in the city. Sixt car hire in Manchester will prove a great choice if you need to easily get around in the city in the after-hours.

Some of the most popular and worthy of your attention are “Yes”, “Revolución de Cuba” and “Bierkeller”. These bars have a wonderful live scene and there are performances available on a daily basis. There are musical acts and comedy sketches and many other kinds of performances. The performances usually go on till late at night and then you could also go bar hopping if you want to keep the party going.


Another great kind of attraction, especially in England, is going to the pubs. UK cars for hire will certainly come in handy if you are planning to drive around at night. It would be a perfect choice to have a great night in the city. You can check out some of the most popular locations in the city, like the Folk, Henry C or the Port Street Beer House. If you are lucky enough you might even get a local to take you to some of their favoured locations. You might like to visit some of the local breweries and try some of the local varieties of brews. 

Since Manchester is home to one of the most popular football teams, so the football pubs are also a must on the agenda. Even if you are not a big football fan and do not cheer for any particular team, it is really authentic to get the feel of the cheering fans in the pub.

Night Clubs

Other favoured locations for those willing to have some fun are the nightclubs. This is a great way to continue having fun even after the sunset. Manchester is a great city that could offer some of the entertainment facilities in any district of the city. You should start in the city center, get a drink there and then head out on an adventure of your own. Some of the most popular locations are the Hidden, Victoria Warehouse and the White Hotels. You ought to check out the reviews and find something to your liking, since there are many small clubs with an intimate atmosphere, but also a lot of big clubs, for those who prefer something noisier.


You can also choose to go off the beaten track and find some special adventure to your liking. There are many quests and lots of challenges organised on a regular basis. If you are feeling adventurous, you could try to take part in a quest or challenge by walking or driving around the city. But be sure to do so with a group of friends, as running around the night city alone is definitely not the safest option. You could check out some of the most famous locations and even organise your own quest for your friends and family.