The Role of Vitamins and Minerals for Women’s Health

The Role of Vitamins and Minerals for Women's Health
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If you are still blinded about the role of vitamins and minerals, you are afraid that you will be hard to get good health as well as possess the secret to preserving youth every day.

As a woman, what do you need most? Surely you need to maintain youth, shiny hair, smooth skin despite the “sweeping” of time. You need a good health background to study, work, take care of your family or prepare a new body “nest” inside you. But to be like that, first of all you need to understand the role of vitamins and minerals for women’s health. Because you want to be healthy or prepare to have babies, women cannot separate these important nutrients.

The role of vitamins and minerals

When discussing the role of vitamins and minerals, it is clear that these are indispensable ingredients to help the body healthy. They participate in many body activities, from cell structure, energy metabolism, maintain living activities to strengthen the immune system. Each vitamin and minerals will have a different task. Sometimes the body only needs a very small amount of these substances but without them, you may face disease and serious health impairment. Of course, you cannot ignore Swanson Vitamins or Lucky Vitamin. They help you supplement the best and fastest vitamins and minerals without harming. Visit and get the coupons to save money for them. Don’t forget to read the Swanson health products review before deciding to buy.

However, most vitamins and minerals cannot be synthesized by the body but can only be received through daily diet. A diverse diet will provide almost full vitamins and minerals for the body. In the case of a sketchy diet, oral vitamins and minerals are extremely necessary.

1. The role of vitamins

♦ What is vitamins?

Vitamins are water -soluble organic substances or fat. Water -soluble vitamins include vitamins belonging to group B and vitamin C. These are vitamins that cannot be stored in the body and are often eliminated in the urine if the body does not absorb it all. Therefore, they need to be supplemented regularly in their daily diet. In contrast, the fat -soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, K tend to accumulate in the body.

♦ Effects of vitamins

Vitamins act on most of the body’s activity because it is one of the essential ingredients that make up the cell, maintain the life of the cell. Vitamins also contribute to repair, prevent or limit damage caused by free radicals, protect the body from pathogens. In particular, providing adequate vitamins for the body also helps to support the treatment of disease, enhance health.

♦ Essential vitamins for sub -n

To have good health as well as maintain the freshness both inside and outside, women need to supplement the following vitamins.

– Vitamin A: Improve vision, prevent eye diseases, beautify skin, prevent aging, increase tissue regeneration, increase body resistance.

– B vitamins: Maintain a healthy nervous system, reduce the risk of depression, good for skin and hair.

– Vitamin C: Enhance immunity, increase the ability to absorb iron, promote the process of healing, anti -aging, skin beauty.

– Vitamin D: Increasing calcium absorption, preventing osteoporosis, keeping bones strong.

– Vitamin E: Anti -aging, prevent cell damage, maintain beauty for skin and hair.

♦ What foods are in food?

Foods containing large amounts of vitamins include meat, fish, eggs, milk, vegetables, tubers, mushrooms, fruits, nuts …

2. The role of minerals

♦ What is mineral?

Minerals are inorganic substances that the body absorbs from daily food. In particular, if vitamins are organic substances that can be decomposed by heat, air or acid, minerals are inorganic substances with stable chemical structure.

♦ The effect of minerals

The role of vitamins and minerals is the same. Like vitamins, minerals play an important role in health, necessary for metabolism, liquid balance, support the function of the nervous system, ensuring the growth of teeth, bones and muscles.

♦ Essential minerals for women

– Calcium: helps bones strong, prevent osteoporosis, necessary for the activity of the heart and nerves.

– Magnesium: Along with calcium, magnesium contributes to strong bones, control sugar, regulating blood pressure.

– Zinc: Stimulating the activity of enzymes, supporting the immune system, hormonal balance, good for eyes, skin, hair.

– Copper: is an important micronutrients that create red blood cells, and play the role of iron and fat metabolism, necessary for the nervous system, prevent aging, balance hormones, reduce muscle, joint pain .

– Iron: Needed for the process of red blood cells, transporting oxygen to cells in the body, preventing iron deficiency anemia.

– iodine: Supports the regulating thyroid.

♦ Minerals in what food?

Foods high in minerals including shellfish, sardines, eggs, meat, organs, yogurt, cheese, nuts, green leafy vegetables, beans, cocoa, butter, berries, tropical fruits …

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals

If you know how the role of vitamins and minerals is necessary for health, please pay regularly to supplement foods rich in vitamins and minerals below.

– Vitamin A: liver, eggs, fish, fish liver oil, dairy products, dark green vegetables, broccoli, tubers, yellow fruits (carrots, bell peppers, pumpkin, mango , melon…).

– B vitamins: meats, eggs, milk, oysters, boys, mussels, salmon, cereals, nutritious yeast, beer yeast, sunflower seeds.

– Vitamin C: Vegetables, fruits.

– Vitamin E: Salmon, sunflower seeds, almonds, avocado, kiwi, spinach, pumpkin.

– Calcium: Milk and dairy products, salmon, sardines, leafy vegetables, beans, almonds.

What is good vitamin and mineral supplements?

Obviously, the role of vitamins and minerals for women’s health is extremely important. Nutrition experts still encourage you to supplement vitamins and minerals by eating. However, in case the daily menu does not guarantee nutrition, you can search for synthetic vitamins and minerals.

In particular, women who are preparing to get pregnant, pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding need more nutrients, they need to find products that contain enough vitamin, minerals and add ingredients. Swanson Vitamins or Lucky Vitamin to enhance the health of both mother and baby.

Modern women always love herself and give her good things. They know the role of vitamins and minerals for health as well as how to be increasingly young by saving the most time. Besides quality meals, the appropriate supplement of vitamins and minerals will also bring many unexpected benefits to the body.

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