The Secrets to Having a Fabulous Curly Hairstyle

Curly Hairstyle
Curly Hairstyle
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If you are here right now, reading this blog, it is likely that you came searching for ways to have fabulous curls without the hassle of having to go through the menace that they cause. Let’s be honest, curls are great, but they are not at all easy to maintain, especially when you’ve just walked out after having a head wash. 

Curly hair is a blessing when it stays tamed and in control. However, there are days when that does not happen just no matter what. And this is why we have this blog right here for you on tips for keeping amazing kinky curly weave hairstyles without having problems. 

So, what can you really do to keep your curly extensions as fabulous as possible? 

Be Specific When Out For A Haircut

Firstly, when you go out for a haircut, you’ve to be specific with your hairstyle. And when we say specific, we mean really specific. Like, specific to the last detail! This includes telling the stylist how much length you really want and how much will you be ok with being chopped off. This is important because it is often a problem for customers with curly hair when hairstylists chop off extra inches than they want. This not only causes you to have shorter than intended hair but also changes most of the placement of your curls. 

Do Not Skip Shampoo 

Use shampoo and conditioner for healthy hair
Use shampoo and conditioner for healthy hair

Next up, you don’t want to skip shampoo at any cost. While most curly hair owners believe that washing your hair with only conditioner will do you good, experts do believe that you should use shampoo as it helps you keep your scalp clean. If your scalp isn’t clean, there will be a lot of build-up at the roots of your hair, which will eventually lead to unhealthy hair – be it curls or not. 

Treat Your Hair To A Hydrating Mask 

Keep your hair moisturized with a hair mask
Keep your hair moisturized with a hair mask

Since we are talking about taking care of your curly hair, using a hydrating mask for your hair will do your curls wonders. A mask will help your hair absorb nutrients, especially when you let it stay on the head for a while. This will help you absorb the good vitamins and nutrients that your hair will later thank you for. Trust us, you will love the condition of your hair after you shower them with love via your hair masks.

Run Cold Water Through Your Hair 

Another tip for your curly hair is that you should run cold water through your hair once you’ve conditioned them. This will increase the span of life for your hair and will help them stay in the best possible condition. In fact, cold water is known to seal the perfect condition of your hair after a wash, which is all the more reason to expose your hair to cold water for the best possible results. 

Detangle Your Curls 

One of the best things that you can do for your lovely curls is you can take extra time in the shower to detangle your hair knots. While some experts have earlier said that it is best to detangle your hair while you have your conditioner on, reports also suggest that detangling your hair after applying a conditioner can actually tangle your hair even more.

Use Water, Water, And More Water! 

If you want to improve the condition of your curly hair drastically, one thing that you can do is use a spray bottle to wet your hair. This will help you in detangling your hair and reducing frizziness. You can use the spray bottle technique to wet your hair while you are combing hair after a wash. It’s definitely a pro tip, and you can thank us later for it!

Follow Proper Detangling Tips 

Detangle hair properly to keep it in shape
Detangle hair properly to keep it in shape

While we are still talking about detangling, let’s also focus on the right and perfect technique that you should ideally be using while trying to detangle your curls. You would need to start detangling your hair from the bottom and move upwards from there. This means that you will detangle at the bottom first, then the middle, and finally closer to the roots of your hair.

Don’t Shy Away From Using Hair Products Generously 

When you are using hair products, remember to use them generously. The more generous you are with your hair products, the bouncier your curls will get. Therefore, the more love you give to your curls, the more they give you back. So ladies and gentlemen, start buying your hair care products more often in the month. 

Satin Pillow Covers Are The Way To Go 

Haircare comes in different forms. One of them is the hair care products that you use. However, the others involve using different pillowcases when you sleep. For better clarity, you should be using satin pillowcases while you sleep. These pillowcases help you protect your hair better and make them stronger by preventing the breaking of your hair. Satin pillowcases are known to be soft and slippery. They do not cause friction while rubbing with your hair and in turn, your hair does not break. Therefore, satin pillowcases are the way to move forward from now on. Another alternative to satin pillows is making a passion twist crochet with your hair up to prevent the breaking of hair.


So, now you know how to keep your curls in the best possible condition using the tips that are mentioned above. All you need is a little more time to spend on your hair, and then just be ready to receive the goodness and love right back! If you want to enhance your natural curls or want curly hair, you can opt for curly hair extensions. Try Indique Hair for this, as the brand offers curly, kinky curly, and coily hair extensions and wigs made of 100% Indian Remy human hair at the best price!

 So, what are you waiting for, go try these amazing hair care tips right away!

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