The two axes of action to improve your Google placement

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With 92% market share, Google is the most used search engine. Its latest update – BERT – applies to understanding conversational language. It is gradually metamorphosing into a response engine, thus favoring websites with relevant results for Internet users. How to improve your Google positioning with this observation? The SEO web editor assists web entrepreneurs in this substantial work via a quality content strategy. Thus, words become tools to gain visibility and improve your Google ranking. Similarly, the presence on social networks is the second axis of optimization to be expanded for improve Google SEO.

Betting on content marketing to improve your Google positioning

In order to gain visibility, it is imperative to put in place a content strategy. This will mainly focus on the quality of the information provided.

Personal branding creates links

To capture the attention of Internet users, you must create a link with your target. If the shared content must be original, the identity of your company is the basis of all strategies. You are unique, take advantage of it! Tell your story, your values ​​and your commitments, readers will appreciate knowing why and how you got here. Storytelling, for example, is an excellent way to promote your personal branding and convince your audience.

Integration of language evolution trends

The growing trend related to the evolution of voice search in our societies, forces sites to adapt. Indeed, the creation of content from conversational language adapts to user requests. Conversational queries are therefore no longer optional, but necessary to improve the ranking on Google.

Frequently asked questions, vector of information

Used well, the FAQ is a great lever for acquiring qualified traffic. This category page provides relevant answers to the most frequent questions from visitors. Refreshed and enriched with secondary key queries, the FAQ is a mine of information for the prospect and improves the user experience.

Backlinks, the Holy Grail of quality SEO

Backlinking is a fundamental axis to improve its Google positioning. Indeed, recommendations from external sites are essential to gain visibility as well as to prove your expertise. However, inbound backlinks must come from authority sites and have a similar theme to yours to have weight in the eyes of Google.

A responsive site attracts more natural traffic

The digital strategy also includes the transformation of the blog into a responsive site, i.e., the content adapts to the format of the screen used to read it. All the ergonomics but above all the texts and images must be adapted to make navigation more fluid and to promote the user experience. Google is very sensitive to the consideration of its mobile friendly recommendation to establish its ranking, otherwise the site will be penalized.

As you will have understood, content marketing is a very time-consuming strategy that requires precise techniques and a good knowledge of the digital ecosystem. The SEO web editor is an ally of choice for a fruitful collaboration, especially since his field of expertise includes the creation of content for social networks.

Improve your Google referencing with content dedicated to social networks

A regular and responsive presence on the social platforms best suited to your target is a tremendous lever for acquiring qualified traffic.

A social media strategy optimizes Google rankings

Ghostwriters have seen that quality editorial content is essential. In the same way, the implementation of a social media strategy considerably increases the acquisition of qualified leads. Indeed, the presence on social networks is essential, it must, therefore, be carefully considered. Its objective is to develop a community, to collect favorable customer opinions, but also to generate an increase in traffic to your site. So how do you engage your readers, which networks to post to, and which formats to share? To learn more, read on.

Social networks engage the audience

A regular presence is essential, because it allows you to exchange with prospects, but it is also an inexhaustible source of information to better understand their needs. The persona study, for example, provides valuable insights into social media habits.

This data will be used to select the most suitable media, as well:

  • On LinkedIn, quality is key. Reliable sources are preferred for quality content;
  • Facebook is still very popular. The page must therefore be neat because it serves as a business card;
  • With Instagram, it’s the visuals that are in the spotlight;
  • YouTube remains the second most used search engine, define your niche well to reach your target;
  • Pinterest remains a search engine, take advantage of it to put your products in situation.

Also be careful not to neglect the strong growth of TikTok and Snapchat…

TikTok and Snapchat, the new Eldorado’s

The format of music videos, on TikTok, is only a few seconds. So, to reach this young audience, offbeat, entertaining and creative content is essential. Propose a challenge, you will thus create an exchange with your users. Another anchor is to identify influencers who have a target similar to yours, then offer them a partnership.

On Snapchat, videos have a lifespan of 24 hours, so to captivate the audience, use the effects and filters available to you on this network. Humanize your company by telling its story or arouse curiosity with teasers to announce your new products. By sharing daily, you prove your expertise, your publications are shared and you improve your Google referencing!

However, sharing on social networks takes time and energy. Also, to relieve yourself, do not hesitate to form a team of professionals among the talents of La Redact du Web.

Suitable content formats

Many possibilities are available to you to diversify your publications, such as:

  • Facebook to share short texts or videos;
  • On LinkedIn, write in-depth articles instead;
  • Instagram uses photos, be sure to respect a consistency of colors in your feed;
  • YouTube is the network of videos and tutorials. Stage yourself;
  • With Pinterest you create an attractive showcase thanks to the pins. Organize them in tables by theme;
  • Thanks to TikTok, you publish viral and humorous content;
  • With Snapchat, you highlight your new products or services.

Diverse publications to capture attention

Want to boost the visibility of your latest blog post? Synthesize important ideas, then translate them into infographics. Publish this new content on Instagram for example. Or create a Pinterest tag to get an inbound link to your blog. You can also adapt it as a viral video on Snapchat or TikTok. Remember that improving your Google positioning is hard work. A collaboration with an SEO web editor multiplies the richness of your content, both on your own site, but also on social networks. So, if you want to gain visibility and increase your turnover, contact the talents of Web.

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