These are the 5 Best Pet-Friendly Furniture Fabrics

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These are the 5 Best Pet-Friendly Furniture Fabrics

You can adopt a furry friend, keep them in lockdown, or love Furniture Lounge Sunderland your pet for years. But there is one thing sure: your love for your pet is unlike any other. They are cuddly and adorable and don’t usually answer back (yes, Mr. Snuggles, that’s another frozen pizza for dinner, but you can keep your judgment to yourself).

Another unavoidable fact about owning pets is the damage it can cause to your home. Incorporating animals into a clean and tidy house can be complex.

Pets, perhaps like children, can also bring in dirt and grime from outside. This will not be good for your new white linen sofa.

You want your home to look great and your pet happy, so you’ll need to consider some pet-friendly furniture options.

Five durable options are available that will suit all styles and homes. Please continue reading to learn how to make your space beautiful and functional while keeping it safe for your pets.


Velvet is synonymous with luxury and, perhaps, extravagantness. However, it has been awarded the pet-friendly fabric award.

As an art deco-inspired and eclectic look is back in fashion, velvet sofas, ottomans chairs, bed heads, and chairs are all very popular. Living room storage furniture UK

Because of the dense, short pile, Velvet is excellent for households with pets. Because the fabric is so quick and thick, little paws will not get stuck in it, creating pulls or snags. This is a less appealing option for pets who love to scratch furniture.

You must choose synthetic Velvet over cotton when choosing a velvet piece. Synthetic Velvet is an excellent choice for pet-friendly upholstery. It can be easily spotted or wiped clean in a matter of seconds.

If your dog loves to return home from the park looking for mud, then Velvet may be the suitable fabric for him. Use a vacuum or a lint roller to keep your velvet piece clean.


A piece of leather furniture such as an armchair or sofa can add a stylish yet casual touch to your pet-friendly living space. You can adapt leather to match your decor. Leather is also an excellent choice for pet owners for a few key reasons.

Leather furniture is an excellent choice for pet owners because it has no extra fabric or piles that pets, especially cats, can pull on or scratch.

They can dig into the leather with their claws, but the strength and durability of leather fabric will make it less likely to do so. Bedroom furniture UK

Leather is also ideal for super-shy people since their fur will not stick to the fabric and won’t require too much vacuuming. Your furniture will always look perfect because the hair slides off.

Leather is easy to clean with the right tools. Even dirty paws will not be able to withstand this tough fabric. You may not notice Rover’s arrival in half your backyard after his morning walks. 

Outdoor Fabrics – Wicker and Highly Durable Threads

Do you have an outdoor pet? These pet-proof furniture options Furniture Warehouse Sunderland will make your outdoor pet feel at ease. They can be used on any deck, balcony, or backyard.

Furniture designed for outdoor areas has an exquisite quality: it almost always lasts. Furniture designed for outside areas is durable. This also applies to furnishing pets. You can rest assured that your pet’s rambunctious cat or dog won’t damage your furniture.

These furniture cushions are made from heavy-duty fabric and are very durable. To keep things neat, brush them off as soon as possible.

Wicker is a great furniture choice for pets. Its textured appearance and feel can conceal fur and dirt marks until you can use a squeegee to clean them. Woven furniture is still in fashion. You might consider buying wicker indoors for a coastal feel.

Dark-colored and Patterned Fabrics

You can make concessions on the style and color of the fabric if you don’t want compromises in the material. Pets can be messy creatures, no matter how much they love us.

So, choose fabrics that are dark in color, patterned, or textured to hide dirt and grime until you’re ready to clean. It’ll be easier to spot marks on a plain-colored and standard fabric than on a plain-colored one. Plus, it adds a lot of style to a room. Sunderland Furniture Centre

Choose bolder or darker colors like browns, greys, and jewel tones. This is better than choosing pastels and cool tones. It will be more challenging to maintain the intricate pattern.

Signature In-house Linen Blend

Last but not least, we recommend linen and Homedesign’s Signature Premium mix. While linen may not be the obvious choice, it is durable and an excellent option for pet owners.

Linen is soft and durable and can withstand all types of wear, including friction and pilling. To hide stains immediately, choose a darker color.

However, be sure to wash your linen frequently and use a spot clean for any visible stains from pets or cats. If appropriately treated, linen is exceptionally stain-resistant. Your new chair or couch could last many years. Furniture stores Sunderland

Linen is a quick fabric to lint roll and vacuum, which can help prevent pet hair buildup. We wouldn’t recommend that any animal lives in the same home as linen furniture.

This is because linen is softly woven so that it won’t resist sharp claws. However, beautiful linen is essential for keeping your home looking great with pets.

Final Tips and Recommendations

These fabrics and other materials are pet-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about the little mess in your life (or their furry victims).

These parameters will help you choose a piece that fits your lifestyle and is easy to maintain, even when your four-legged friend has a lot of fun.

These are some final tips for keeping your home beautiful and happy with pets.

Buy a high-quality fabric cleaner. Sometimes, stains can be stubborn but will not stand up to a Warwick cleaning kit. This is the last resort for Daisy, who has jumped in too many muddy puddles.

Make your pet feel special by giving them a place to call their own. You can give your pet a cozy, comfortable place to sleep.

A sofa cover is a good option. To prevent claw marks, paw prints, and other damage to your furniture, you can slip something over it.

You can also shop for the Palermo Collection, which has removable slipcovers. It’s easy to swap over when you want to clean it.

Home design offers furniture pieces that fit every style, space, and lifestyle. It’s easier than ever to build the home of your dreams with our showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne.


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