Things To Check Before Buying Frozen Ras malai

Things To Check Before Buying Frozen Ras malai
Angoori Rasmalai is an Indian dessert sweet with dry fruits and Saffron toppings, served in a bowl over moody background. selective focus
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Ever tried sweets from frozen stores? Frozen sweets also give an authentic taste. India’s favorite sweet dish- Ras malai, is now available as a frozen food. The popular dish consisting of white cream, milk, sugar, and cardamom-flavored paneer cheese is also available under the frozen category. The top dessert brands in the country have successfully made great self-life. Before you enjoy the dessert, you must know some necessary factors related to frozen sweet products.

Dessert Made From Fresh Milk

You must ensure that Ras malai is made from fresh milk. It’s very important in the case of frozen products to check the real ingredients used instead of artificial ones. When you are purchasing it from an online frozen store, go through the product description section. It should be mentioned that the dessert is made from fresh milk. Ras malai’s taste and texture consistency depend on the milk content or milk type used. So, you just need to ensure this before proceeding to buy.

Check The Shelf Life Period

Another important factor is the shelf life period of your dessert. As it is a frozen sweet dish, the self-life should be at least six months to a year. Check the packaging date of the product to ensure its shelf life. Make sure the product is not expired. People, while purchasing online, mostly neglect to check the expiration date. The self-life period should better fit with the expiry date. If you find the dessert is about to expire, then it’s better not to buy it. For frozen Ras malai, the shelf life should be at least one year.

Go Through The Ingredients

You should go through the ingredients mentioned in the package. The ingredients of ras malai are Rabdi or Condensed milk made with Milk Solids and Sugar,  Indian Cottage Cheese, Pistachio, Almond, and Kesar. The quantities of these ingredients should be in perfect proportion. As it is a frozen dessert, preservatives are a must. Check the list of preservatives added.

Must Undergo Hygienic Packaging And Storage

Frozen Ras malai should undergo hygienic packaging in order to store. As it has to be stored for a longer period of time for selling, the service provider supplying it must confirm hygiene storage and packaging. Ensure that the sweet is not stored in a plastic container. It should be safely stored in the inventory with necessary storage needs before reaching customers.

Proper And Convenient Packaging

The sweet dish should be packaged properly. Manually while buying from a store, go through the package. If you find any defects or damage, then don’t purchase it. But, while purchasing from online frozen stores, you cannot manually check it. But you can go through the brand’s packaging from the product’s page. Also, ensure the online store’s packaging policies to deliver the product safely to the destination.

As ras malai is a delicate sweet dish, it needs careful and convenient packaging. The frozen sweet may get spoiled or spill out inside when it is not carefully packaged. Therefore, proper and convenient packaging is necessary for this sweet.

Best Labelled And Packaging Compared To Local Store

When you buy Ras malai from a local store, the packaging is not necessarily important to check because it is fresh. But, in the case of the frozen category, you should ensure that the labelling and packaging are better compared to local sweet stores. Especially when it is made from a renowned dessert brand, you will expect some appealing design and durable packaging. Hence, this factor should be considered.

Check The Preservatives And Added Flavours

You must check the added preservatives and flavours. Usually, frozen dishes contain so many preservatives to extend their shelf life. But when it is in higher amounts, it can lead to health problems. Preserved food also leads to health risks and chronic disorders. Therefore, carefully check the added preservatives. Flavour content is also necessary. More flavour sometimes degrades the real taste.

Final Words

You can now enjoy authentic Indian dessert in ready-to-eat mode. Get rid of visiting the local stores and the hassles of preparing the sweets at home. Order the frozen Ras malai from a trusted online frozen store. It will be delivered within the given date at your place. Ensure that you have considered the above things before ordering it.

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