Things To Consider About Pre Schools

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If you have a child aged 3-5, you’ll soon be bombarded with preschool information, and it won’t stop. There are many options – private vs public, co-op or four-day school week… Which one is right for your child?

The best pre schools in Bangalore can range from about $5000/year for a full-time option to much less for part-time options on the outskirts of town. A full-time preschool will require you to drop off your child early in the morning, leaving the late afternoon for work. In between these two times, you may be required to pick up your child from school (and return them home) at a designated hour. This can cause logistical issues for some families, and it is a requirement for those with very young children.

This can be a complicated option if you don’t have access to a reliable babysitter outside the hours that preschools are open.

Early Childhood Educators

One of the main advantages of preschools is that they attract early childhood educators. Early childhood educators are individuals who are experts in early childhood education, and most work with children from birth until they reach school age. They provide your child with a state-approved education during these years, while you can spend much less time worrying about education issues within your home.

Focus their work on math, language acquisition, and literacy development. They will also teach social skills such as cooperation and play. Your child will learn to explore and play, interact with other children and learn songs and rhymes, play with toys, tell stories, and create art. Children’s interests determine how much time will spend on a particular development area. 

You may not be able to see any of this in the classroom if you have a child at a private school, but preschools are so focused on the learning process that you will see all these things happen in your own home.

Children attend school for part of the day and then play with their so even if there aren’t hours set aside for each subject, your child will still get enough exposure to these topics.

Many of the teachers who teach children in preschools are Board Certified Early Childhood specialists, which means that they have completed rigorous training to be able to teach young children. As well, children learn to work together and cooperate with others. These skills are essential for school-age children, as they will find themselves in classrooms where other students are older and more demanding.

Attending preschool in Bangalore may also help your child develop the social skills needed for later development. Children younger than age 3 have a limited ability to process social cues, so attending a full day of preschool may improve your child’s awareness of other people. Many preschools also offer babysitting services, often considered a substitute for paid daycare.

Your child must attend preschool or other early childhood education programs to ensure they get the best life start. Unfortunately, many preschools are not adequately funded and do not offer all the curriculum they should.

For example, India has a massive shortage of fully-trained early childhood educators. This means that some preschools may only be able to provide an almost equivalent education to daycare. This is why you must research your options before choosing which school is right for your child.


Skoolz is the best option for many children, but you must decide which preschool is right for your child. You will find options across. However, you must research the services offered by each school before choosing an early care program. The age at which your child will start attending preschool is also essential.