Tips for Choosing the Best Moonstone Jewelry: Moonstone Grading

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Adored to be one of the most beautiful, stunning gemstone jewelry, moonstone jewelry is adored to be an embodiment of the holy moon god. Besides its ethereal beauty and eye-captivating elegance, its affordability and abundance also make it quite popular among jewelry lovers worldwide.

The birthstone jewelry associated with June Month is an epitome of peace and serenity just like the moon. Adoring moonstone jewelry, like that glittering and alluring piece of moonstone ring, will not just elevate your beauty and glamour, but will let you gain the blessings of this heavenly and miraculous gemstone.

What indeed attracts everyone towards its mystic beauty is its stunning and stupendous surface that lends the beauty of cheerful colors by depicting its natural color phen14omena known as the exquisite and adorable adularescence.

Moonstone usually has a blue sheen that is often complimented with a transparent to the opaque body that emanates a white-colorless hue. In addition to it, it can also have a secondary shade of multiple hues that adds to its heavenly and divine beauty. Well, in order to avail the best, high-quality moonstone jewelry that will blemish your personality with a touch of class and beauty, you need to keep in mind certain factors while cherry-picking moonstone jewelry.

Refer to these Tips for choosing the best moonstone jewelry. These moonstone grading hacks will let you make the best choice.

Moonstone Grading Factors

For every gemstone jewelry, from 925 sterling silver jewelry to alluring and exquisite moonstone jewelry, its grading and assessment usually entail four factors. They are:






To help you make the best choice, let’s discuss each of these factors in depth.

How to Choose the Best Colour?

Jewelry experts all over the world have concluded that the best quality moonstone jewelry would always have a colour to whitish hue emanating out of its surface. This whitish energy is the epitome of the tranquility and positivity that the moon has blessed this magic gem with.

Besides, the blue sheen of moonstone is yet another factor that makes it stand out from other similar graded gemstones in the market. This shimmering and stunning blue sheen is what surges the adorable and astounding beauty of moonstone to the next level. And quite an interesting, yet lesser-known fact is that in the case of authentic moonstones, the blue sheen would be visible differently when viewed from multiple angles. Nevertheless, if the moonstone lends a diminishing and dull look, then consider it a fake piece and avoid buying it.

In a nutshell, top-notch and sorted quality moonstone jewelry would have an electric and alluring blue sheen with a touch of multiple hues like blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and white.

What Should be the Preferred Quality of Moonstone Jewelry?

Okay, you are able to pinpoint an alluring piece of moonstone jewelry that lends an ethereal and elegant blue sheen, but what about the clarity factor? Well, surface clarity is yet another major factor for grading while assessing the quality of moonstone jewelry. And the answer for this question is quite simple and straightforward.

High-quality moonstone jewelry is typified by a crystal-clear surface that could range from being translucent to completely opaque. Some rare pieces can even have transparent clarity. The stone must be preferably free of any kind of inclusions and impurities.

The main reason is, interference of any sort of inclusions or impurities can diminish or subdue the effect of the natural color phenomena when struck by the beaming and bright rays of the sun. As discussed above, adularescence is the natural color phenomenon in moonstones.

How to Assess the Cut of Moonstone Jewelry?

On the Mohs scale of hardness, moonstone has a score of about 5.5-6. It means that the stone is comparatively soft and tender as compared to other similar gems that emanate a similar blue sheen. From a customer’s point of view, it might demand extra care and concern. However, it becomes quite easy and convenient for jewelry designers to mold and give multiple shapes and patterns to raw moonstones while making jewelry.

The most common and prevalent style that most jewelers as well as jewelry lovers prefer to adorn themselves with is the cabochon style. That amazing and appealing blue sheen appears to be 10x stunning and sizzling when complemented with the cabochon-style cut.

The oval is the most common shape for moonstone cabochons. However, sometimes the cutter can also offer other unusual shapes such as a tapered sugarloaf with a square base.

The only major factor to consider while evaluating the cabochon cut is that the dimensions of the overall cut must be consistent and the profile should not be completely flat. In the case of a flat surface, the sheen would appear a bit dull. Eventually, it could sacrifice the beauty of the jewelry.

Besides the cabochon cut, faceted moonstones are becoming quite trendy nowadays. The cut enhances the brilliance and tends to conceal any inclusions that may be present.

Carat Weight

The weight of moonstone jewelry can vary greatly. For example, a typical moonstone in the market with a blue sheen will weigh between 15-20 carats. Moonstones with silvery or white adularescence, on the other hand, can weigh up to 100 carats. However, if the moonstone jewelry is less than 15 carats, it is either fake or of poor quality.


Quite a budget-friendly gemstone jewelry option, you can adorn the mystic beauty of moonstone for a light price. Usually, the price of moonstone jewelry usually depends upon the brilliance and beauty of the adularescence that the surface is depicting. Average quality moonstone can cost you somewhere around $5 to $50 for every caret. However, top-notch quality moonstone jewelry with a mesmerizing and magnificent depiction of adularescence can cost you even around or more than $250-$300/caret.

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