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The process of choosing a nursery school in Dubai starts with the Early Years Foundation Stages 1 and 2 that are included in the EYFS curriculum. But they are not mandatory levels if you live in Dubai and the compulsory education begins at the age of six. Studies have shown that children who are in the FS1 and FS2 phases of preschool enjoy advantages over children who haven’t attended any pre-nursery or childcare centre or nursery school.

The FS 1 program is typically designed for children that are around 3 years old. FS2 is designed for children who are aged 4 and 5. After the children graduate from FS2 they are able to transition into regular schools for their primary schooling.


The main focus on the FS1 curriculum is primarily on the developing social skills, including the most important Potty training. This includes emotional and social development, communication and language as well as physical development, particularly those with fine motor skills to strengthen fingers and hands, so that writing becomes much easier. Children are taught alphabets and numbers, colour differentiation sounds, as well as Phonic skills.

In FS2, the course expands to include writing and reading. The students are able to join words into small sentences, learning how to say words, working with numbers till 20. They also learn about the environment and geography to ensure they are aware of the surroundings. They are also taught expression, critical thinking, and solving problems.

You can clearly see that FS1 as well as FS2 stages are designed to teach children important skills they need as they begin the primary school. Therefore, children should go to a school which offers the FS1 and FS2 stages of EYFS.

The next question that needs to be answered when choosing an elementary school in Dubai Is it better for your children to go to a nursery institution; or is it possible to have them taught at home?


Home-schooling and EYFS Centres, or Nurseries each have their advantages and disadvantages.


Children are placed in a more formal setting compared to the Home and Day-care setting, forcing them to adjust and to learn how to operate in a formal setting.

There are many other children or teachers all around, and the child develops social abilities. They get the chance to meet people and build connections, which is vital & which will help them throughout their lives.

The have best equipment and tools for teaching to provide the child with the best education. The caregivers or teachers are experienced professionals who are aware of the most recent teaching techniques and use methods that make learning enjoyable.

But it also has its pros and cons. social interaction can create peer pressure, which could hinder a child’s development and confidence in themselves. The school can only be efficient as its teachers are – therefore if teachers aren’t well-trained, and have a poor understanding of the subject, then learning might not be optimal.

One of the disadvantages is the price. It is true that certified EYFS nursery programs are usually higher priced than the alternatives for pre-school (Day-care or home-schooling). The location can also be one of the reasons, such as the ease of facilities close to home for easy dropping off and picking up. Busy parents may need decide on how close preschool is particularly in remote regions. If transport issues are a problem and you are looking for a locally-based Day-care or home care may be their best option.


The first step when selecting the right preschool to attend in Dubai is to understand your child’s personality and understand what keeps them satisfied and enthusiastic. This will eventually aid them in adjusting to school and perform well academically.

Let’s look at the factors you need to be considered when selecting the best nursery school for your child’s school in Dubai.

Reputation: It is wonderful to enrol your kid into a well-known school, it’s not a requirement. The school’s reputation does not have anything to do with its teaching methods or the suitability for your child. Sometimes, the reputation of a school is exaggerated and the school might not provide what your child wants. Make sure you review everything the schools have to offer for your child before you commit yourself to the institution.

Cost: EYFS centres can be costly. However, higher cost is not necessarily associated with better education. There’s no reason to place your child in a school that costs more than you are able to afford. Find a school that is less expensive and you may find other schools that are superior and cost-effective.

Curriculum: Get the curriculum and check whether it’s suitable for your kid. Dubai is a diverse society, and it is crucial to understand the culture of the establishment and the people who are member of it. If you are not attentive your child may be placed in a setting which is different from what they have been taught at home, and might have a difficult time adjusting.

Staff: Teachers and caregivers must be knowledgeable and well-trained of the most recent teaching techniques. Also, consider the student-teacher ratio. The less it is, the better the child’s education.

Pedagogy: It is the most essential element of every school. Find out more about it and determine whether this is the way you want for your kid to learn.

Facilities Check out the facilities offered at your child’s school. Check whether they have a playground, a swimming pool, gym, etc.

Location: The school should be close to your work or home.

Security and Cleanliness: To ensure the safety of your child, ensure the school focuses on cleanliness and hygiene. Children should be protected not just from physical dangers, but also from health risks at school.

When you bear these tips in mind, and ask the appropriate questions, you will be able to select the best schools for your child. It is where they will flourish and feel fulfilled.


Picking a nursery school in Dubai from the point of view that of the child. One must choose an institution that they feel at ease and content with.  The school is supposed to be an extension to the values of culture and social values the child is taught at home. If you’re looking for nursery schools in Jumeirah Dubai, approach Monroe’s Nursery.