Tips to choose the best online chess academy

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Chess has long been seen as a mental game, hence historically chess lessons may have been given more one-on-one than in a classroom setting. These days, there are several Online chess academies that have been increasing significantly over the past year, and every chess enthusiast is now accustomed to mobile apps, online chess games, puzzles, and more. Here are some of the 

Tips to choose the best online chess academy and they are as follows:-

  • Pick a place where chess is a passion rather than a business! Numerous online coaching institutes provide a variety of classes in everything from cookery to chess to art. Make sure the chess academy you choose takes the game as seriously as you do and that it is not simply one of their “offerings” while making your decision. Developing champions from young minds cannot be done with a generic strategy. So be on the lookout for locations that aren’t as focused as your youngster needs them to be in order to play chess, and be sceptical of those that promise a prize at the end of the rainbow.
  • Make sure that you select one chess academy online, where the coaches are seasoned athletes. “Coach” serves as the operational and functional heart of a chess coaching academy. Your child’s chess adventure will be long and enjoyable if they have coaches who are National Masters, FIDE Masters, International Masters, and Grand Masters. These renowned chess players could serve as role models for your child because they have competed in the same game at the greatest level, and no regular chess coach could compare to them.
  • Study material: Does your chess coaching academy offer specially chosen internal content and learning materials? You should, ideally, have unlimited access to the chess learning materials and resources after enrolling in an online course. Consider buying a book. Once purchased, it becomes yours. Instead of generalist content that is already publicly available on the internet, your learning materials should be tailored to your ability levels. Your learning experience will be improved because you won’t be as dependent on the teacher and the classes.
  • Learning should always be a constant process. Only regular interactions between parents and the coaching academy can determine whether your child is improving or needs more assistance. The money spent is absolutely lost if the children are not constantly evaluated. The foundation of every reliable online chess teaching academy is consistent assessments. Make sure to request sample evaluations from anyone who guarantees you that so you can understand what is measured.


Ensure that you are receiving guidance and care from your chess coaching academy. Children should create goals, and coaching that is goal-oriented and has distinct milestones is essential. If your child loses interest in chess coaching midway through, it may not be successful. There have been cases where a child had promising potential but, in the absence of proper guidance, it was diverted into other activities. Putting our kids in a flexible routine is the greatest method to make sure they have time for everything. Make sure they don’t perceive online chess tutoring as a requirement or a hardship.