Tips To Make Your Popcorn Boxes Eye-Catching 

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There is no denying the fact that French fries are the most popular snack in the whole world, but popcorns aren’t far behind. Also, popcorns are a healthy alternative. There are many ways to lay back and rest after a long day of work, but nothing beats sitting on your couch and binge-watching your favorite TV show or movie, but you need the popcorn to make that night even better. 

Popcorn is consumed all around the world, which makes this a gigantic market, but this industry is not brand-dominant like other industries around the world, but it is still competitive. Just like any other food product, customers need to try it out, and then they will see if they want to buy your product again, but first, you need to attract customers for the first time. 

That is only possible to attract them in this competitive space by using customized popcorn boxes. Elegant and awesome popcorn packaging is very engaging for popcorn lovers. In this blog, we will tell you about the tips you can follow to make eye-catching popcorn boxes. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Make Them Attractive 

Surprising, right? No. The first step to making eye-catching popcorn packaging is to make them attractive. Attractive popcorn packaging gains attention in the market and will generate more sales. If you make rough and dull packaging, your customers will start believing that your product is unhealthy. On the contrary, if you make attractive and high-quality popcorn packaging, then the customers will start drooling over your popcorn. 

Making your popcorn boxes attractive is no easy job, but it is still easy. Just stop doing what others are doing because you want your product to stand out, and it will only be possible when your packaging is unique. You can also ditch the classic vertical line pattern and try out something new to grab attention.

Customized Boxes 

One of the easiest ways to make your popcorn boxes stand out is by customizing them. Many brands stay away from customized popcorn boxes by believing all the lies spread around in the market. These lies make brands believe that custom popcorn boxes are expensive, but that’s not the reality. 

Custom boxes are cheaper than standard packaging because only limited resources are used to manufacture custom popcorn boxes. The best thing is that you get to choose everything that goes into making that packaging, whether it be the material, design, artwork, or color of the packaging. When can you decide all of this on your own, then who cares if you have to spend extra couple hundred dollars on custom packaging?

Decorate The Internal Side As Well 

Popcorns are most famous among kids because they have the image of a fun snack, and popcorns are also healthy if made in the right manner. Customers love to see unique artwork on the popcorn boxes, but you can always take it a step ahead by printing the insides of your popcorn boxes. 

When customers are consuming the popcorn, they will also see the inside of the box, and if the inside is rough looking, then those customers aren’t coming back because it makes a negative impression. Instead, work on making the internal sides as decorative as the external packaging to leave a positive impression in the eyes of customers.

Try New Shapes 

When doing business, don’t be afraid to try something new because that small change can help your brand big time. For decades, we have been seeing the same popcorn boxes with the same colors, and people are growing bored of such boxes, and it is the perfect time to try out some new shapes. Many brands have done that and have come out successful with this experiment, and your brand should be too. 

Using new shapes will instantly make your popcorn boxes stand out. Don’t be afraid to try that out, and it’s not like you are going to order thirty thousand popcorn boxes in the first order. You will first try it out with couple hundred boxes, and if they are doing what you hope they would, then why not change it?

The Color Selection Must Be Elegant 

You might have noticed in recent years that packaging has become a crucial part of brands and can play a key role in the success of a brand. Every brand tries its best to come up with the most attractive product boxes in the world, but not everyone can do that, and some brands fail because they overdo that, and this sends out an impression that this brand is desperate for attention. 

Also, you might have noticed that all luxury brands use elegant colors and minimal designs. You need to do the same with your popcorn boxes because while other popcorn brands are trying hard to make eye-catching packaging, you can do just that by going for elegant colors.