To commemorate our first ten years,

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To commemorate our first ten years, Polygon’s merchandise shop has reopened.

Consider that you enjoy coming to Polygon to read our reviews, guides, videos, or unique reporting. And suppose you wanted to express your admiration for our products in a stylish manner. You could either take the much simpler approach and purchase anything from our recently reopened merchandise store, or you could create yourself a massive polygonal suit of cdg sweaterout of paper mache!

From T-shirts and sweatshirts to sticker packs, the new store has everything you need to display your love of Polygon, and more products will be added in the upcoming weeks.

Cory Schmitz, the designer of Polygon’s original logo, provided a special 10th-anniversary logo version for all of the new clothing.

And if you want to learn a little bit more, consider pre-ordering Like a Hurricane: An Oral History of Street Fighter II, the next historical gaming book from Polygon.

So head over to the new merchandise section and pick up something that screams Polygon for you or a loved one. Your holidays will undoubtedly be a little bit better as a result.

Most popular fashion articles: store expansions and layoffs

M&S adds Hotter Shoes to their lineup on February 17.
After turning a profit [Hotter Shoes’ revenue in the three months leading up to January 30, 2022, grew 10% year over year], the footwear company made the announcement that it would become a third-party brand on the Marks and Spencer website. “The cooperation with M&S is further testimony to Hotter’s attractiveness to other best-in-class retail platforms,” said Ian Watson, CEO of Unbound Group, which owns Hotter Shoes. Hotter Shoes reported at the time that despite the difficulties brands were having as a result of the Covid fallout and supply chain issues, revenue in the three months leading up to January had increased by 10% year over year.

Gymshark reemerges on the top 10 list for 2022, but this time with less encouraging news: in April, the company announced a restructuring that could result in job losses. The sportswear industry claimed that its goals for international expansion and “the necessity to generate commercial accountability within the proper location and guarantee consumer strategies are being driven by local specialists, knowledge, and data” were what motivated the restructure. As a result, 121 jobs at Gymshark faced the possibility of being eliminated. Rey House, the womenswear line created by Tesco’s F&F creator Julia Reynolds, marks her return to the fashion industry. She declared in hoodies cdg August that the company would sell clothing for women over 40, as well as a variety of beauty products and household goods, in order to cater to the “under-represented” Gen X female. “I have assembled a team of well-known industry professionals, all extremely skilled and passionate about making versatile apparel that ladies will want to wear time and time again,” said Reynolds. In Drapers’ top 10 list for 2022, information about high-street shop Marks & Spencer was once more mentioned. Several of the retailer’s UK locations were under threat in January of this year when US investor Fortress shared plans to sell 17 sites. Ayr, Barnsley, Blackburn, Blackpool, Dundee, Mansfield, Scarborough, Wakefield, and Wokingham were just a few of the retail locations at peril. It followed Fortress’ purchase of Topland Group’s 76 M&S outlets.

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