Top 10 European Cuisines to try for all the foodies out there

European Food
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Europe is one of the most desirable tourist destinations all across the globe. Of course, the majority of the credit for the same goes for the gorgeous natural as well as architectural beauty one can find here. But this continent is much more than a visual treat. It holds some treasures which would please your other senses as well. Thus some of the must-try edible delicacies on your Europe tour package are listed below:

European Food

Arancini in Italy

It will not be wrong to say that Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines all over the world and rightly so. But apart from the usual famous dishes such as pizzas and kinds of pasta, there is one particular dish that nobody should miss out on. Arancini is a kind of appetizing dish which is like a crispy ball on the out with melted mozzarella cheese accompanied by flavors on the inside.

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Waffles in Belgium

Even though waffles have become widely available in numerous countries of the world, the origin of these breakfast delicacies took place in the land of Belgium. One can relish the authentic taste of these waffles over here. There is no particular place one should try it from, right from the street side vendors to large dessert cafes; all kinds of waffles are simply irresistible here.

Potica in Slovenia

A dish that people have hardly heard about, Potica is a traditional festive pastry that can be found in Slovenia. The name is derived from the local language and has alterations in pronunciation as per the regional dialect.

In the form of a nut roll, the base structure is that of cake material and has the flavor of cinnamon in between the tiers of the roll. In the batter of these rolls, rum, milk, orange, and egg whites are added along with the flour.

Cheese fondue in Switzerland

The country of Switzerland is particularly known for its high-quality dairy products hence it is mandatory to try the cheese fondue here during one’s Europe tour. Cheese fondue is served with a variety of side dishes to choose from, be it different types of bread or sautéed premium vegetables.

Even the cheese fondue you get here is quite unique in comparison to anything you might have had in your native land. Whether the cheese is in its raw form or with slight flavor added, all these dishes are alluring for a food lover. 

Fish and chips in England

The true charm of any new country you visit can be experienced when you try out the local street food of the given place. People of each culture have some typical fast food dishes they rely on as a part of their lifestyle. Fish and chips are one such go-to dish for the people of England. The origin of this dish took place in England wherein fried fish with a layer of crispy batter is served with French fries on the side.

Smorrebrod in Denmark

The name of this dish may seem complicated thus let us break it down this dish for you. In simple terms, this dish is like an open-ended sandwich wherein the toppings are placed on a comparatively thin layer of sourdough rye bread that is known as rugbrod.

The ingredients in the toppings can vary as per the preference of the consumer but these toppings are then placed on top of a nice layer of butter spread out on this sourdough rye bread.

Pizza in Italy

It will be an absolute shame if one goes all the way to Europe and does not try the most common favorite dish of a majority of the people of the world, pizza. Having a pizza in the country of its origin is a different experience altogether and the pizzas you find in Italy are nothing like that one can find in their country. All these pizzas are freshly baked with handmade sauce and cheese of all kinds added to their surface.

Mousse in France

The meaning of the word ‘mousse’ means foam in the French language. This means that the texture of this delicacy is similar to that of foam which as soon as you bite into it, literally melts into your mouth. The usual mousse one finds in other countries is in the form of a flavored dessert but the authentic one you find in France comes in 2 major variants; sweet as well as savory.

Cremeschnitte in Austria

Traveling is all about trying new things that one may not find in his own country. This dish is lesser heard of and hardly available in any place outside of Austria. This is basically a custard cream cake that has the flavor of vanilla added to it. Even though it is known as a cake, the texture of this dish is different from the usual cakes as it is slightly crispy in a puff-like arrangement.

Danish Red Berry Pudding in Austria

Danish puddings are gradually gaining popularity among the food lovers of the world and for all the right reasons. Being a traditional Danish dessert, the local people used to originally consume this dish as a part of the traditional feast laid out on the table during Christmas. The berries used in this dessert can either be red currants or strawberries.


Food is one of the major factors found in any civilization which directly reflects the culture and lifestyle of a given place. Hence if one really wants to make the most of understanding a particular culture, then direct exposure to the locally famous cuisine in Europe is an absolute must.

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