Top 10 Online Canvas Prints To Buy According To The Experts

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One can show off original art well by hanging a well-made canvas print on your wall. It makes it feel like a “grand experience,” like you’re looking at an original work of art. But without the prices of famous art.

You can turn almost any photo, drawing, or painting into a work of art with the best canvas printing services, .

But to make it feel like a masterpiece, you’ll need a printer that can print in high resolution and strong and well-made materials. Also, a designer who is good at art should be in charge of printing for your online canvas prints.

How To Find The Best Online Canvas Prints

We did the research, so you can save time and money by looking for the best canvas prints to buy online.

1. CanvasPop

It came out on top in every category on a list of important things for getting a good product. Not only do they use the best materials available, but they are also very passionate about art, which drives them to make each print look amazing.

With CanvasPop, you can do more than print an image on canvas; you can also make beautiful art!

  • When you place a photo canvas order online with them, a personal designer is given to you to help you through the process.
  • They are great at making suggestions that make the image bold, colorful, and well-placed on the canvas for the best composition.
  • They make changes to the contrast, brightness, and saturation and will even get rid of red eyes to make the image perfect.

Even better, you can reach your designer and the world-class customer service team by email, chat, or phone so you can work with them to make the perfect final design of online canvas prints.

2. ElephantStock

ElephantStock makes one-of-a-kind canvases, even though their name suggests that they have a huge collection of stock images. They have a lot of business clients, from hotel rooms to offices, and always give consistent and professional results.

ElephantStock uses high-resolution Giclee printing on canvas made of poly and cotton. The photos are then stretched over frames made of North American pine made with care. Waterproof and UV-resistant laminates work together to protect images even more from damage. When you buy wall prints online from ElephantStock, you can be sure it will look great for years to come.

Both color and black-and-white products have bold, rich tones that don’t take over. The work is always done neatly and sturdily.

For a three-panel panoramic, sizes range from 9 x 6 inches to 110 x 36 inches. So, you can find the right piece for almost any room in your house.

3. CanvasDiscount

CanvasDiscount has shown us that “discount” doesn’t have to mean “downgrade.” The service for online canvas prints says it has the “lowest prices on the web” and guarantees that all its customers will get a 110% discount.

That means that if you find the product cheaper elsewhere, CanvasDiscount will match the price and give you an extra 10% off. But with canvases going for as little as $5 each, it’s hard to find a better deal anywhere else.

Even though their prices are so low, CanvasDiscount doesn’t cut corners. The prints are always of high quality,

and the canvas has a strong texture that adds to the overall look of each piece. It can be difficult to sort out how to use the site at first,

but once you do, it will give you different sizing options of the JPEG file you upload. This makes it less likely that the final product will be pixelated.

4. Pictorem

It can make huge online canvas prints that look like they belong in a museum. Pictorem stands out from the rest because it collects raw materials.

They offer printings on canvas, metal, acrylic and even different picture frame materials and produce unique panoramic-sized prints.

When you order from Pictorem, you get a unique piece of art that is meant to be shown off. You should cover a whole wall or the whole room.

They’ll take care of you. The canvas art is printed on premium matte 410g/m2 canvas, and the frame is made of wood that is 1.5 inches thick. They also use Giclee printing, which looks natural and has a high resolution. 

5. CanvasHQ

The people who work behind the scenes of a family-run business take extra care to look at each image that comes their way. Along with their proof,

they will often tell you how to change your order for the best print display. Their helpful and friendly customer service makes them stand out from other canvas printers.

The canvas pieces themselves are gorgeous and made to last. Every picture is made with commercial inks that are made to resist water and fade less. 

6. CanvasChamp

With CanvasChamp, your online canvas prints could come from somewhere other than the United States. The company tries to keep its costs low by offering wholesale prices. Most people use this service when they want to print a lot of canvas art, not just one custom piece, though CanvasChamp will also print custom pieces.

You might be unable to print thumbnail-sized images or GIF files because they need high-resolution images. Vector files, on the other hand, keep their resolution.

This service differs from others because they offer so many different ways to print. You can make prints on metal, thin and thick wraps, and thick foam photo boards.

7. Shutterfly

When it comes to photo canvases, Shutterfly can be proud that many of its strong points are the same as those of its competitors:

  • Shutterfly’s services couldn’t be easier to use.
  • It’s easy to find information and place orders because the site has a clean, easy-to-understand design.

Making an order only took a few minutes. Shutterfly even lets you see what your order will look like in 3D before you place it. This gives customers a good idea of what they’ll get before they finalize their orders.

Shutterfly is a middle-of-the-road choice for many photographers at first glance. But if they have to pay more for shipping, it can push the price of their products into a higher range.

This may not be very pleasant, but the extra money goes right into the product, making purchases even better.

8. iCanvas

To use iCanvas, you need to upload your photos to your account, wait 24 hours for your edited proofs, and then approve them. After that, your printed canvas will arrive in 8–9 business days.

First, if you want them to print your picture, it has to be a certain size. Images at least half the size of the canvas you are ordering are preferred.

So, if you want to order one of their bigger canvases, like the 12′′ by 12′′, you would need an image that is at least 6′′ by 6′′.

Also, if you expect high-res printing, they require that your image be at least 500KB. This gives them a high enough resolution to work with; anything less would hurt the final product’s clarity and sharpness.

9. Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints isn’t the best place to get buy photo canvas online, but it’s okay.

The service can’t improve the clarity of images with lower resolutions, which is a shame. But it offers other enhancement and editing services, such as creating oil paint effects, removing paper wrinkles or image imperfections, and even removing objects from the photograph.

So you can print any online image if it’s big. But Easy Canvas Prints can make a high-quality picture look like an oil painting if that’s what you want.

10. Mixbook

Mixbook is well known for its photo printing services and photo books, so that you can expect high-quality prints. We’re happy to say that their online canvas prints don’t let you down; they’re almost perfect in every way.

Print sizes range from 10×8″ to 36×24″. The finished backing and gallery-quality textured canvas come standard,

so your print will be ready to hang right out of the box. The construction is perfect, with perfectly finished corners and canvas that won’t sag or stretch. You can choose a classic wrap or a custom floating white, black, or espresso frame.

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