Top 5 Getaways in Hong Kong for Business Travellers

Victoria Peak in Hong Kong
Victoria Peak in Hong Kong
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There are so many wonderful attractions, sightseeing and landmarks in Hong Kong for business travellers to feel overwhelmed. Luckily for them, if they are thinking about weekend getaways in Hong Kong, this is the ultimate guide.

Here are the Top 5 Getaways in Hong Kong for Business Travellers

1) The Peak

A high point on Hong Kong Island, The Peak or Victoria Peak offers an amazing view of Hong Kong, stretching from the mountains in the New Territories to the towers and skyscrapers of the city centre. For business travellers, they may use the Peak Tram to reach the Peak. They may as well head straight to the viewing platforms at the Peak Tower for a better view of the city.

It is a quaint little peak snuggled in Hong Kong Island’s western region. Mount Austin is the other name for the Peak, which is known for its elevation of about 552 m above the ground level. This upland is mostly made up of lush green trails and a line of mesmerising skyscrapers.

The Peak is open for 24 hours with no entry fee. However, the tram ticket costs HK$ 88 for a roundtrip. You may even want to take a round around the Peak Circle Walk, which is about 3.5 Km, for an unforgettable bird eye’s view of the city below.  There are several holiday apartments in Hong Kong where visitors can stay before visiting these landmarks. 

2) Lan Kwai Fong

Also popularly known as the LKF, Lan Kwai Fong is a party central where you can spend a Friday night, or a Saturday night for fun. The district is packed with more than 90 bars and restaurants- from pubs such as Hong Kong Brewery, which are rough-and-ready to upscale spots like Dragon-i.

This is the hedonism HQ of the city where business travellers can party hard, for a memorable night. Despite being there since the 80s, Lan Kwai Fong is still among the most bustling places of the city. It is open between 2:00 pm and 6:00 am in the morning, and the average cost for two people is HK$ 1,123.40.

The historic district stretches for 110 m, and after a long day, business travellers may relive the nightlife with food, music and cocktails. On special occasions such as New Year’s Eve and Halloween, the place is out of control with more cops employed to manage crowds.

Lan Kwai Fong also reverberates the street culture of Hong Kong, with street performance becoming a new scene, with people playing the guitar and singing in an acoustic setting. 

3) The Big Buddha

Also known as the Tian Tan Buddha, the Big Buddha is definitely one of the best weekend trips in Hong Kong. This iconic landmark took 12 years to build, and is recognisable for its 34-metres height. The 268 gruesome steps would take you to the composed and mighty statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, resting on his lotus seat.

Po Lin Monastery lies right next to the Big Buddha and ranks among the most important institutions in Buddhism. The long way up may as well get you hungry, so do not forget about Ngong Ping Village which serves traditional Buddhist vegetarian meals. This is a place where you can visit to take a break from your stress.

A harmonious relationship between nature and man is everything that is symbolised by this serene place. The bronze statue of Buddha is made out of 202 bronze pieces, and is located in Ngong Ping Rd, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, and operates between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm. Entrance is free, however, HD$ 56.09 is charged for visiting the exhibition hall. 

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4): Man Mo Temple

Popularly known as Man Mo Miu Temple, this beautiful monument is dedicated to the martial God, Kwan Tai and the Literature or Civil God, Cheong. Both the Gods are highly patronised by people seeking civic knowledge and students about to take civil service tests.

The vibrant colour of the temple, along with the fragrance of the incense stick follows the people wherever they go. The temple is notable for being one of the town’s oldest temples and records a huge number of visitors every year. It is located in Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong, and operates between 08:00 am and 06:00 pm. There is no entrance fee for entering the temple.

It is a grade-I listed, mid 19th-century historical building, declared a national monument on Hollywood Road. There are several antique stores around the building. There is an atmosphere of introspective and intense calm inside the temple, enough to restore a person’s peace of mind.

There are several other Man Mo Temples in Hong Kong, although the Sheung Wan Temple is the most popular. 

5) Sky 100 Observation Deck

For a lovely panoramic view of Hong Kong, Sky100 Observation Deck is only second to The Peak. It is surely among the ideal weekend getaways in Hong Kong for business travellers. The magical rooftop bar is owned by Ritz Carlton. The indoor deck is present on the 100th floor of the ICC Skyscraper, offering a 360-degree view of the entire city.

It is definitely among the most scenic places to visit in Hong Kong. It is located at 1 Austin Rd, West Kowloon, Hong Kong. The top attractions of Hong Kong such as Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, Victoria Harbour, and Tai Mo Shan are displayed by the deck.

To get a view of the dropping sun, you need to get there in time. The high speed lifts will take you to the top of the building in no more than 60 seconds. It is a treat for Business travellers on weekends. However, the deck remains closed on Sunday.

It operated between 10:00 am and 09:00 pm. You can even head to Ritz-Carlton later for a beautiful dining experience and innovative cocktails. 

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