TOP 5 US Brightest Spots For Adventure Tours

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Do you like active traveling? That’s great if you like biking or hiking, or even surfing. Or perhaps you are fond of rafting and kayaking. Your trip is going to be interesting and multi-adventure. The USA is a huge territory with many attractive places to visit. So, where to go? Will it be Wyoming, Utah, Alaska, or somewhere to the South? Let’s read about it. But first, what is the recipe for your successful trip? 

Pick the right car!

So, a good car can really make your road trip the most interesting adventure you’ve ever had. Well, there is always a variant to take a flight to the proper state and then, rent a car at the airport. Also, you can rent a car at your location and have the most adventurous road trip ever. You decide! Anyway, you can prepay for your car even now by using car rental app. How to pick a really good car? Are there things you should pay attention to above all?

Pay attention to:

Car reliability

Your car must be accurate and reliable. First of all, it is better to diagnose your vehicle before you rent it. Everything should be well-cared and in good order. Test your rental car for scratches and breakages, door holders, windows, and seat belts.


When you are going to travel by car, you should think of how many passengers you have and how much space they need for a comfortable trip. This is an absolute must. Of course, spending most of the time in the rental car you need enough space for stretching legs and shoulders. Also, consider storage space, for luggage, drinks and food, and possibly sports gear.


How to pick the car you really need? You should learn its characteristics first. Answer some questions about why you need a car, if you are planning to sleep in the car or not, etc. According to your answers, you can decide if the economic class will be enough for your trip or you’d better rent a larger vehicle. Don’t worry, rental car for under 21 is available for most of the US states.

Where to go for the brightest adventure trip?

1. Go to Hawaii Big Island

Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist places. Everyone, who is looking for an active vacation and a beautiful view around come to Hawaii. You know that Hawaii is divided into many big and small islands. One of them, Maui, is the best for active families with kids. Kauai is for a romantic vacation. What about the Big Island? What is so interesting?

This land is geographically unique. It includes everything that nature gives, including black sand beaches, snowy mountains, lava dunes, and green and fresh forests. Of course, this is a good platform for active leisure. You can go hiking across the island or organize the best beach vacation ever with different beach sports and activities. There are many places where you can leave your car and go traveling on foot. Also, you will never have problems with the best views from the window of your hotel!

2. Go to Maui

Meet Maui! This Hawaiian island is not as big as the previous one but still popular. Many American families gather together, rent a large car, and come to Maui for a week or two. You can’t find a friendlier place! Local hotels are extremely comfortable and really helpful to organize your and your kids’ leisure. So, tourism and sport are well-developed here. You are offered to learn local culture by visiting museums, local dance studios, cultural events. You can try water sports, go hiking or cycling around the seashore. Your kids will be impressed by impressive wildlife and intriguing history. Zip lining, snorkeling, safe surfing are available here.

3. Go to Lake Tahoe

This is one of the most popular tourist places in America. Lake Tahoe is a favorite vacation spot for locals and foreign tourists. The lake is beautiful in and out. Look at the crystal-clear water and the steep granite cliffs sides! You can hardly find the stunning blue water everywhere else in the US. If you don’t like swimming, you can rent a boat and take a boat tour around the lake.

4. Go to Jackson Hole

Actually, Jackson Hole valley is a beautiful land in Grand Teton National Park. When you come to the park, you should stop here for a while to eat sandwiches and cocoa. Jackson Hole has encouraged the rise of tourism in this area. How? This old house and a settlement around the farm attract tourists with simple and tasty cuisine and performance venues. This area is especially beautiful in winter when tourists from the ski resorts come to see the local performances.

5. Go to New Orleans

If you are not sure what you like and what you want to try and do during your vacation, rent a car and go to Louisiana state. New Orleans is a unique mix of French, Spanish, African, and Caribbean cultures. Local food, music shows, and spooky places are worth your attention. What about sports? You can find something to your taste, for sure.

As you can see, this is just the beginning of the travel list. America is full of different places, states, cities that are recommended to visit for active travelers. Just read about them and decide which one will be your future travel point. Ready? Call for a car then!