Top 7 Best Whiskeys For 2023

Top 7 Best Whiskeys For 2023
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There is a bottle of whisky available for every taste, budget, and choice in the vast world of whiskies. Nowadays, whisky is produced all over the world and in every region of America, each with its own distinct flavour and identity. We have a wide selection of whiskies, so you can find the ideal sipper, something truly smokey and strong, or something in between.

We chose the Four Roses Single Barrel as our top whisky choice after consulting experts because of its potent taste and high strength.

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Best Whiskeys: Our Top Picks

Here are some of the best whiskies that are currently available.

Four Roses Single Barrel: Best Overall

The Kentucky bourbon Four Roses checks all the appropriate boxes: it’s affordably priced, there are many unique expressions to select from, and it tastes neat or in cocktails. The Single Barrel expression is a favourite of Mike Vacheresse, owner of Travel Bar in Brooklyn, New York, which offers more than 450 distinct whiskies. According to him, Four Roses Single Barrel sets the standard for all other bourbons in terms of proof, taste, and price. It has a mouthfeel and a wonderfully smooth finish, and its high rye mash gives it a delightful peppery taste.

Made by Master Distiller Brent Elliott, this flagship bourbon uses a total of 10 different recipes, two mash bills, and five yeast strains, while each Single Barrel release uses just one recipe to highlight an unique whisky component.

Pikesville Straight Rye: Best Rye

A 95% to 100% rye mash bill and a Kentucky-style mash bill, which often contains slightly more rye than 50%, the legal minimum necessary to be categorised as rye whisky, respectively, dominate the whisky market today. The latter category includes Pikesville, which was first produced in Maryland and is currently distilled by Heaven Hill in Kentucky. Use this in a classic drink like the Manhattan, where the rich sweetness of the vermouth and the distinctive peppery overtones of the rye will blend well.

Henry Mckenna Single Barrel: Best Bourbon

Even the casual drinker who doesn’t know all the definitions would have to agree it’s impressive if a whole bunch of them show up on the same bottle. Bourbon fans have to get familiar with a whole plethora of cryptic terminology, such as “age statement,” “bottled-in-bond,” and “single barrel.” The only extra-aged, bottled-in-bond, single-barrel bourbon currently on the market is the Henry Mckenna Single Barrel, which is made at Heaven Hill Distillery. 

If that isn’t enough to make you impressed, it was also selected “Best in Show” at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, in large part because of its flavorful palate that includes flavours of caramel, butter, cinnamon, and vanilla.

The Balvenie DoubleWood: Best Scotch

The Balvenie stands out as one of the best single malt scotches available, with different places offering distinctive tastes and characteristics. With its DoubleWood 12 whisky, which is aged in former bourbon barrels and finished in sherry casks, the distillery was a pioneer in the use of cask finishes.

West Cork 8-Year Single Malt: Best Irish

While some Americans regrettably restrict their Irish whisky drinking to the occasional shot bought by a casual acquaintance at a sports bar, there is also a robust and growing list of Irish boutique whiskies that demand our attention. Irish barley and local spring water are used to make a beautiful single-malt whisky in West Cork. 

The distillate is then aged for eight years in first-fill, flame-charred bourbon barrels, giving it far more depth and character than drinkers of other whiskies may typically associate with the category. Wonderful dried apple and honey undertones on the well-balanced palate transition to a baking spice finish, all at an accessible 80 proof. This is one you won’t want to shoot.

Lot No. 40 Whisky:Best Canadian

The purple velvet-draped Crown Royal may be the first image that comes to mind when you think of Canadian whisky. There are some good variations of that well-known brand to be discovered, but there are a tonne of lesser-known Canadian whiskies to sample as well. Lot No. 40, a 100% rye whisky distilled at Hiram Walker in Windsor, Ontario, is one well-known bottle. Yet, overall this is a pleasant sipper with aromas of caramel and cocoa that explode on the palate. Look for a tiny hint of spiciness here.

Hakushu 12 Year Old: Best Japanese

Although it might be expensive and difficult to find Japanese whisky, especially from Suntory, this bottle from the Hakushu distillery in the Japanese Mountains is outstanding. With just a touch of smoke, it has crisp aromas of unripe melon and apple. Although it is pricey, this 12-year-old whisky makes a wonderful (but sipping-only) highball. It is “delicious, green, and a tad smokier than other Japanese whiskies,” according to Lynnette Marrero, bar director for Llama Inn and Llama San NYC. Please read Best Whiskeys.

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