Top 9 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Strong for Longer

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Caring for your teeth and gums is very important. Many oral infections and teeth problems occur if you don’t. Most of these are underlying problems that become worse if left untreated. Severe teeth or gum infections end up requiring treatments like teeth crownsor even dental implants. However, most of these infections and problems can be avoid rather easily.

Infections occur when bacteria are allowed to infect the mouth. They make their home on teeth, inside teeth or in the gums to cause severe infections. When bacterial infections grow, they can cause gum infections, tooth decay or even root infections in the long run. So, here are some of the most important tips that will keep your teeth healthy and stronger for longer:

1: Brush Teeth Twice Every Day

The importance of brushing your teeth everyday cannot be stressed enough. In fact, you need to brush the teeth twice every day. Brushing the teeth early morning improves your smile confidence and provides fresher breath. Also, it is even more important to brush the teeth before going to bed. All those food bits that remain in the mouth turn into plaque and then bacterial infection from there. So, make sure to always brush your teeth every day twice. Early morning and before going to bed.

2: Do Not Compromise on Daily Floss Routine

Flossing the teeth may be boring and time consuming. But it will save many people from developing major teeth and gum infections. Simply put, there can be small food bits stuck between those tiny teeth spaces. No teeth gap is small enough for food bits and plaque. This is where bacterial infections in the teeth and mouth may arise. So, make sure to floss your teeth every day. Take those food bits out of the mouth. Usually, right after that nighttime toothbrush is the best time for flossing.

3: Use the Right Brush and Toothbrushing Technique

Brushing your teeth right is also very important. Start by using a soft bristled toothbrush. Also, make sure to brush your tongue and sides of the mouth. Brush top and bottom of the mouth as well. There are actually more bacteria on the tongue than anywhere else in the mouth if not brushed. Brush all of your teeth starting from the back side teeth and coming to the front. This technique ensures you don’t miss any of your teeth in the brushing routine.

4: Fluoride Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Teeth enamel is very important. It is the top layer of protection on your teeth that keeps the softer inner layers safe. Whether it is bacterial infections or exposure to whatever you eat, that layer of enamel is the security your teeth need. Fluoride is known to enhance and strengthen teeth enamel. So, be sure to use any brand high-quality toothpaste that has enamel in it. Also, don’t rinse the mouth too much after toothbrushing. Leave as much fluoride on the teeth as you can for enamel to recover.

5: Do Not Brush Teeth Right After Sugary Acidic Foods

Sugars and acids that are commonly found in our foods, tend to soften teeth enamel. However, the natural process gains the enamel layer back in short time. So, it is always best to leave your toothbrushing until 30 minutes after having sugary acidic foods. Follow early morning and before bed toothbrush routine. Doing this, you should automatically skip toothbrushing at least 30 minutes after meals. However, make sure to not drop your twice a day toothbrushing routine at all. Foods like these can cause teeth infections that will require single tooth implants or more.

6: Cut Down on Sugar as Much as Possible

Sugar is just bad for us in all regards. Too much sugar consumption gives people conditions like diabetes. It is not good for teeth infection as well. Also, diabetic patients are more likely to get bad gums over time as well. Avoid sugary foods as much as you can. Develop your taste with reduced amount of sugar in everything you eat or drink. Also, some foods are too rich in sugars. Avoid them as well.

7: Eat More Natural Organics with Fibers

Processed foods like pizzas, burgers and even curries are too rich in acids and sugars. Also, these contain too much fat content as well. Make sure to eat more natural organics. Foods that contain more fibers like cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, carrots and others are great for teeth and body health. Eat more salads as well. Also, take your fruits whole without juicing them up. Juiced fruits lose their fibers and get heavy in sugars. Drink plenty of plain water as well.

8: Use Teeth Guards on Sports Days

Chipped teeth are big problems for people of all ages who are into physical sports. Boxing, other fighting sports, basketball, hockey, racing sports and many others always run the risk of injury. Too commonly, these injuries cause chipped teeth. So, make sure to keep your teeth looking good by offering them protection they need. Wear teeth guards every day you play sports. Make this a habit for the entire family. Keep teeth protected and looking good for longer.

9: Regular Check-Ups Every Six Months

Dentists are always the best people to spot teeth infections and oral problems. You need to lose that fear of the dentist chair. Allow them the time to examine, diagnose and treat problems before they become major oral issues. Visit a professional dentist for a routine checkup every six months. This will help keep major problems away and keep your teeth looking good for longer.

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