Top Essential Camping Gear & Why They are Important?

camping gear in NZ
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Camping is one of the favorite outdoor activities for people living in and around NZ. The serene and beautiful landscape of the region is inviting and worth exploring with friends and family. However, one can enjoy nature only with the right camping essentials.

People living in urban areas are not accustomed to the outdoors. As a result, outdoor camping and adventures can make them miserable if they don’t have the proper clothing, shoes, shelter, and food. Hence, one of the foremost things to do while planning for outdoor camping is to decide on the perfect camping gear in NZ.

Well-packed camping gear can mean the difference between a comfortable outdoor stay and a miserable one. So, no matter whether you are planning your first or fifth camping adventure, make sure to prepare a checklist for camping gear and include all the necessary items.

But, what are essential camping gear? Are there a certain number of specific items that make for the perfect camping gear? No! There are no specifically marked items that make for the ideal camping gear. Much like camping location, terrain conditions, staying duration, etc. differ from one person to another, the camping gear is different for all.

The camping essentials that are on high priority for some might not necessarily be on someone else’s gear list. Hence, depending on individual needs and preferences, the list of camping gear may vary. However, there are certain very basic items that should be on everyone’s list of camping essentials such as camping beds, tents, first-aid, etc.

When shopping for your next camping adventure, you’re likely to come across multiple outdoor trip items, each marketed as essentials. However, it is up to you to decide whether or not the item is needed to have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

While the options for camping gear and other items are in abundance, the following listed are some very basic yet vital items that make for perfect camping gear in NZ.

 # Sleeping Bag

Marked as one of the essential camping gear, a sleeping bag assures a safe, sound, and comfortable outdoor sleep. A good night’s sleep is the key to being active and energetic all day long. Adventures like camping and trekking involve a lot of physical activities. As a result, campers should eat and sleep well in order to have the best fun.

# Tent

The shelter again is one of the most important necessities to own while going out on a camping adventure. A tent is like a portable home that offers sufficient space for the campers to keep their valuables safe and protected from getting lost. Also, even if you prefer to sleep under the stars in a sleeping bag, it’s always preferred to have a tent shelter in case of sudden downpours or bad weather conditions.

# Tarp

An all-purpose sheltering material, a tarp is water-resistant and is widely used as a shield to protect belongings from all types of external elements. A tarp can be used in multiple ways such as it can be set up as a portable tent or used as a blanket to cover and protect things from dust, water, etc. Also, a tarp is often pulled over existing tent structures to make them waterproof in cases of extreme weather conditions.

# First Aid Kit

Medical emergencies are unanticipated and one should be prepared for them anytime. When outdoors, physical injuries are quite possible and normal. However, since medical facilities are not available at hand, even basic injuries can lead to severe conditions. Hence, it is essential for every camper to add a first aid kit to their camping gear list and be equipped to relieve all kinds of injuries and health issues temporarily.

# Flashlights

Another very important camping essential that one cannot afford to miss is a flashlight or lantern. Since there are no streetlights in the woods or mountain areas, it may get difficult to walk and campers may end up confusing the right pathways. Portable flashlights powered by batteries or fuel are the best choices as they offer sufficient light without frequent discharging.

Why Camping Gear is Important?

  • Keeps you prepared for all unpredictable situations
  • Assures comfort
  • Keeps protected in rough terrain and surroundings
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Stress-free travel & adventure
  • Time & money saving
  • Great for beginners

Final Note

Camping is fun and adventurous; however, it is essential to carry the right essentials to ensure safety and comfort. Outdoor stays and experiences are different for everyone. While some prefer to keep their camping trip a back-to-basics retreat into nature, others prefer to carry their comfort and daily necessities with them.

Regardless of the type of camper you are, certain necessities like camping beds, tents, flashlights, etc. should never go off your camping gear list. So, for a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable camping experience, make sure to add these essentials to your camping gear.