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Pens are one of the most useful stationery items. You need pens to jot down your notes and writings in school, college, and the office. Though there have been technological advancements, the use of pens is still inevitable.  Are you selling the best quality pens but hidden from the public’s eyes? It’s time to reveal your elegant pens before the audience.  You can bring your stationery brand to life by packing magnificent pens in custom-made boxes.  Hold on, end your search here. Reach us at iCustomBoxes. Our company consists of highly skilled experts who manufacture custom pen boxes following the requirements of our clients.  You can customize your pen box packaging for gift purposes, personal use, or brand marketing.  Our team will design the box as you elaborate on them. Besides this, you can avail of the design guidance of our professionals without any cost.

Imprint the Logo Design on Box for the Brand’s Advertisement:

It’s such a strenuous task to dominate fellow competitors and build your position in the competitive market.  Are you a newbie in the stationery business or an existing one, but it seems challenging to lead in the crowd? You don’t need to worry. We have an excellent solution for you. You can select our pen box with the logo.  A box printed with your company’s distinct logo image gives a unique look and helps distinguish your brand’s products. Besides the logo design, you can add the company’s details, product descriptions, price, etc., for informative packaging.  We recommend you emboss the logo image to outstand the design.

Selection of Kraft and Cardboard Material for Green Packaging:

There is a massive outcry over the issue of climate change. In the 21st century, global warming has destroyed the ozone layer and affected every creature on the earth.  In the present age, people of all ages, kids, and adults, know the rising threats of climate change.  That’s why they prefer green packaging.  You can choose our pen boxes cardboard manufactured with 100% eco-friendly material, kraft, and cardboard.  We offer 100% biodegradable kraft in brown, black, and white colors. The brown kraft box looks very elegant and gives a natural appearance. However, unlike kraft, cardboard paper is sustainable and feasible for numerous customized solutions. You can beautify the cardboard pen boxes with laminations, add-ons, embellishments, etc.

Choose Rigid Box for Custom Pen Gift Boxes:

Nothing can be better in a gift than a pen.   A luxurious and fancy pen can be the best graduation present for your loved ones. Indeed, a high-cost product demands refined and exclusive packaging.  You can go with our rigid boxes. We design them exclusively for gift purposes.  A rigid box is sturdy and easy to customizable. Hence, you can manufacture it as you want.  You can customize the rigid pen gift packaging in a two-piece box style or sleeve packaging, or box with magnetic closure.  You can print the box inside to astonish the giftee while unpacking. Besides this, you can add a personal touch to the packaging by printing the giftee’s name. Or you can embellish the box with die-cuts, inserts, and ribbons, etc.

Increase the Appeal of Pen Packaging with Inserts:

The primary purpose of adding inlays or inserts in the box is to ensure the safety of the products.  Inserts are designed in such a way that they keep pens in their appropriate place and prevent fluctuations.  Besides this, in premium packaging, clients ask for inserts to provide a pleasing look to the audience while unboxing.  There are various types of inserts, such as:

  1. Kraft inserts
  2. Cardboard inserts
  3. Foam inserts
  4. Eva Foam inserts

All of the inserts mentioned above have their attributes and functions. Kraft and cardboard inserts are durable and keep objects compact and unharmed. On the other hand, foam inserts are endurable to scratches, scuffs, etc. Foam and EVA foam inserts come in diverse colors, mainly used for beautification.

A Plethora of Additional Features for Exceptional Pen Packaging:

There is no comparison between dull pen packaging with multi-color printed pen boxes. Nowadays, people are bored with dull packaging.  They look for stylish box designs printed with attractive and enticing color prints.  That’s why we offer a wide range of enhancements, coatings, and embellishing options that give a concluding look.  In coatings, we offer:

  • Matt laminations
  • Gloss lamination
  • Spot UV
  • Aqueous Coating

The inclusion of coatings adds durability to the box against contamination, scratches, and smudges, etc. Besides coatings, we employ various finishings and add-on options to add aesthetics to the pen packaging. These are as follows:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Inserts
  • Window-cut outs
  • PVC sheets
  • Ribbons/Bows

Why Choose ICB?

  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Zero plates and die-cut charges
  • Free of-cost design assistance
  • Social media support
  • Free design samples
  • Customer support service 24 hours
  • Standard delivery time is 14 to 17 business days
  • Rush delivery duration is 9 to 12 business days

So, no need to ponder over it.  Place your order now and avail yourself of our incredible affordable services.  You can reach us by calling our contact number  +1 800-347-2197, or drop your queries at [email protected].

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