Turkey Visa for Saint Lucia Citizens

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Turkey E-Visa allows the applicants to apply Turkey Visa for Saint Lucia Citizens, that is a management of the visa application process to take place entirely in a virtual environment which keeps the application process brisk and placid. Everything is done with the help of the Internet, the visa application form and supporting documents are submitted online, the payment is made online and the decision on the application is communicated online so that it can serve the purpose of keeping the whole process facile.

  Eligibility for Saint Lucian Nationals to Turkey eVisa

The Nationals of Saint Lucia are heartly welcome to Turkey, all it requires is to have an ordinary passport and a visa as a travel document. You can obtain a 90 days multiple entry visa to Turkey with the validity of 180 days that starts from the day the visa is issued. There is an online Turkish visa option, which allows the process to be swift and hassle free for Saint Lucian citizens who meet the required criteria. You just need to provide the basic documents.

  Below is the list of what you need :

  • passport is quite a basic document nowadays. You just have to make sure that the validity of your passport is 6 months from the date of your visit in Turkey.
  • An email address is required to send eVisa once the application process will be completed successfully. Make sure that you provide a valid email address.
  • Prior to submission of the application, you need to pay for eVisa service fee. You can do that using a credit or debit card either you can use paypal account.

  Filling the Evisa Application Form :

The Turkish eVisa application form is one of the easiest eVisa forms made for your convenience, it is just a simple questionnaire. That will require your personal details such as name, surname, date of birth, contact details along with travel related details( Passport details). You must have to make sure that the information you provide should match with the travel documents you carry at the time of your visit.

Once you’ve completed the form it’ll redirect you to the payment option. After we receive the payment, you will be notified via email and SMS.

  Why to Visit Turkey

The first question that rises is “ Why to visit Turkey ”. So here are some insights that will help you make a decision. It is well known that Turkey is one of the world’s top 10 travel destinations. Welcoming more than 35 million visitors every year. Turkey is Beautiful, culturally rich and value for money. Honestly, there could be plenty of reasons for you to visit Turkey.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, an adventurous person or just want a quiet and mellow vacation, Turkey has it all for you.Honestly, there could be plenty of reasons for you to visit Turkey.

This place promotes Special activities very much with nearly 8400 km of coastline, which makes water sport and Yachting the big favorites. Apart from this Hiking, Rock climbing, Hot air Balloon and Bicycling are all important fun activities you can go for.

With thousands of years old history of human habitation in Turkey Visa for Saint Vincent Citizens, where a great number of empires like Romans, Ottomans, Hellens and many more that rose and fell leaving behind multitude of Historical sites. To sooth your visit, Turkey has some of the most amazing luxurious hotels in the world that you may find at very affordable rates.

  Relation between Turkey and Saint Lucia :

Turkey and Saint Lucia share a strong friendly as well as diplomatic relationship for many decades. The relation between Turkey and Saint Lucia became even closer in the 1980’s when both the countries strongly opposed aparthied in South Africa and cooperated on the deployment of US and Caribbean forces in Grenada in 1983.

With their geographical aspect Saint Lucia and Turkey have so much in common, which is quiet enough to comfort Saint Lucians with Turkish climate conditions.

  Important Requirements Related To Covid-19

Beginning December 30, 2020 all international arrivals age 6 years and older are required to have taken a COVID-19 PCR test with a negative result within 72 hours prior to their flight. So PCR Test applications for passengers arriving in Turkey are required.

Passengers must submit their test results to the airline at the time of check-in. Otherwise, you may take it after your arrival in Turkey. Test centers in Istanbul accommodate arriving passengers 24/7. (This requirement may vary depending on the Turkish Government update about COVID 19 travel restrictions)

Apply Turkey e-Visa from Saint-lucia

Please carefully Fill the Requirements Here, to Apply for the Official Turkey Visa from Saint-lucia

Please Note Carefully: This official form is strictly only for people applying for Turkey e-Visa with Saint-lucia passport. All that is required from you as stated on the form is your personal details, travel details, passport details, and also to specify the type of visa you are applying for.

Meanwhile, when filling the Turkey visa application form, please try and fill the places marked with red asterisks, as they are a very important data need for the processing of your e-visa to Turkey. Now, if you look carefully, you will discover that the Nationality area is already locked with Saint-lucia. This means when filling this form, our system marks you as a Saint-lucia citizen on default. So please applicants from other countries should take note, so as not to make a serious mistake.

Please, when submitting your visa application do choose the processing time according to your needs.

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