TV Advertising 101: Everything a Business Should Know

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From the use of steel carvings to the modern era, advertising has advanced quite much. Today, businesses use different software for advertising their products or services to target audiences. However, the most common one is TV advertising. 

More than 120 people watch TV daily, making TV advertising very efficient. About 64% of video ads are seen daily on TV. As a result, small businesses have a chance to connect with customers through TV ads. It’s a powerful weapon and is even predictable on how it will do in the future. Plus, TV ads drill down to the right target making marketing very effective. 

If a business is new to the TV advertising world, it must first know what it’s all about. This way, the business will take full advantage of the TV ads. 

Why should you advertise on TV?

TV is an available advertising medium, especially for startup businesses. It offers outstanding features than other advertising methods making it a number one option. Here are some of the reasons why businesses should opt for Tv advertising;

  1. Convergence of TV advertising

TV advertising was less effective in the past since it didn’t factor in on-demand viewers. It ignored the streamer and hence failed to reach the right target. Fortunately, TV advertising gives precise reporting and analysis of when and how to advertise in this modern era. TV advertising allows businesses to reach their target at the same time. 

  1. The power of live sports

Live sports have large views and audiences. Therefore, businesses with this audience as the target can advertise during the live show. 

  1. Cost-effective production

TV advertising is more affordable than people actually assume. Small businesses can afford video production equipment and be able to partner with production studios. This way, they will create affordable and engaging ads. 

Types of TV advertising

 Advertisers use different kinds of ads to their advantage through the TV. They include;

  • Broadcast: This is usually free in most countries. It includes the best national and local channels in the country. Since it’s free, businesses can use it to reach their target audience. The broadcast can be a good choice if a small business wants to build brand awareness. 
  • Cable – with this, Businesses have to pay. However, it attracts specific audiences but has a limited reach. Using cable will be the right choice if a business prefers to reach a specific audience or have a strained budget. 

TV advertising cost

There are several factors considered when pricing TV ads. They include the length, TV spot, time, and channel. 

  • Whether it’s on cable or broadcast – This determines the consumers the business wants to reach and the type of programming to use. Both cable and broadcast have different pricing. 
  • Time of the day – competitive time slots will have a high cost than non-prime time slots. 
  • Commercial length – businesses can use either book 30 seconds or a 15 seconds ad. The 30 seconds ad is usually available and affordable. However, the 15 seconds ad works such that it’s shown at the beginning of the commercial break and the second part at the end of the break. This makes it quite expensive, and it has a limited inventory. 

TV advertising helps businesses achieve success while advertising both nationally and locally. However, a lot of work will go into creating that 30-seconds ad, but it’s totally worth it.