Types of Abaya : A to Z Guide

abaya tips
abaya tips
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With such countless sorts of abayas accessible on the lookout, how would you track down an abaya that suits to your body and compliments your character?

In this blog entry, we’ll cover the various sorts of abaya and how you can pick the ideal abaya for yourself.

Abaya Types :

Open Abayas

As Abayas are customarily intended to be worn as an external piece of clothing by the Emiratis, most abayas you figure out there are abayas with buttons on the front. You could style it the manner in which you need – with an inward and leave it unfasten (adds somewhat more “yikes” to your style) or on the other hand, in the event that you favor have it styled down – go through the buttons and cover. Obviously, to guarantee unobtrusiveness, one ought to wear an inward under the open abaya whether or not you style it open (unfastened) or shut (fastened)

Shut Abayas

While open abayas are as yet mentioned for, it is with no question that we get a more popularity for shut abayas. Shut abayas are the best choice in the event that you’d like a piece of clothing to toss over your other dress without anything under it being uncovered. The accommodation you get with shut abayas is unrivaled.

Batwing Abayas

The batwing abaya could be mistaken for the Bisht style abayas. They are basically the same, yet the bisht abaya is more extensive in the hips region – truly, there is no genuine bust or hips estimation on account of the cut while for batwing abaya – you actually would need to focus on the hips estimation. By and large, Batwing Abayas are still somewhat more extensive than the standard cut abayas.

The Bisht abaya was initially roused by the shroud that Bedouin Men wear on exceptional events. They give great inclusion a baggy cut that functions admirably for all body sizes. Bisht abayas, notwithstanding open or shut, are extremely flexible and you will actually want to change around the look easily.

The Bisht style abayas are extremely well known with the Kuwaitis.

Before we continue on toward letting you know which abaya type is fit to which body type, you should initially comprehend your own. Sadly, very few of us understand what kind of body we have however how about we share some of what we know!

The different body types :

Square shape

The square shape is a body type in which the bust, shoulders, and hips are similar widths. Ladies with this body type have a touch of midriff definition.

On the off chance that you have a square shape, you can wear basically anything. Nonetheless, since your shoulders and hips are comparable in size, you need to pick styles that separation the square shape at the midriff with a belt.


The round shape is otherwise called the apple body type. Individuals with this shape have a greater bust and restricted hips with no characterized waistline. They ordinarily have a more full midriff.

For round body types, try not to cause to notice your midriff. You want to keep an equilibrium, so it is ideal to decide on an abaya style that features your shoulders and adds completion to the lower part of the dress.


Otherwise called the pear shape, this body type includes wide hips and limited busts and shoulders. Ladies with a pear shape commonly have thin arms and full thighs.

Unobtrusive dressing for pear body types is tied in with limiting your hips. On the off chance that you have a pear shape, you need to feature your shoulders and distract from your midsection and thighs. Along these lines, attract concentration to your chest area with accentuation on your sleeves as a result of your thin arms. You will require an abaya with sleeves that flare out from the elbows.


An individual with an hourglass shape is thought of as thrilling. This body type comprises of equivalent estimations of the bust and hips with a little and clear cut midsection.

Assuming you have an hourglass figure, your midriff is what you need to feature while picking an abaya style. Follow your shape and get abayas with a secured waistline or with a belt.