Types of Sprinkler System Heads & Sprinkler System Repair

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Sprinkler Heads. Sprinkler System Repair. Sprinkler Services.  

Sprinkler systems come in all shapes and sizes, and sprinkler heads do too! Below are four different interesting sprinkler heads. I’m sure you’ll recognize most of them, if not all. 

Rotary Sprinkler Head 

Rotary sprinkler heads deliver water at a slower rate than other heads. They cover very large areas and are meant for oversized lawns. The most recognized design is the impact rotary which moves back and forth and fires bursts of water. I’m sure you’ve seen this move on the dance floor at some point in your life. Our quirky uncle John does it at every wedding.

Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads

These heads pop out of the ground when it’s time to water and pop back into the ground when it’s finished. These sprinkler heads are convenient if a section in the middle of the lawn needs water. Why? Because it will not disturb the lawnmowers. It stores itself in the ground. 

Because these heads put themselves away when it is not being used, it’s important to watch the water pressure they’re receiving. If a sprinkler is not popping back into the ground, a lawn mower could cut that right off, causing you to replace it. The solution could be removing the overgrowth of the lawn from around the sprinkler head. 

You may want to consider hiring professionals to help maintain your lawn if this seems out of your ballpark. All Season Landscaping offers year around services, including snow removal.

Multi-Stream Sprinkler Heads

A multi-stream sprinkler head is to produce a very small stream of water. This design makes watering efficient. It is recommended for medium-sized lawns, especially if the lawn has uneven terrain. 

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) has named the multi-stream sprinkler head the market’s water-saving technology. This sprinkler system will save you energy. FEMP used market availability, water and cost savings potential, and the ease of installation to make this determination. 

Flood or Bubbler Sprinkler Heads

Flood Heads or bubblers are created to flood the surface area near the spray. The types of sprinkler systems are recommended if the goal is to water a tree, planters, and shrubs. Consult a team member at All Season Landscaping before deciding what type of sprinkler is best for your lawn. 

The adjustable flood bubbler is the most common. The design is straightforward. A small valve with a screw to adjust the water flow. These are ideal for lawns with various sizes of trees. A larger tree will need a larger flood than a small tree would. 

Non-adjustable bubblers are also straightforward because they can’t be changed. The water will flow at a fixed rate. For these bubbler heads, it’s important to consider the soil in the area it will water, the size of the area & the foot traffic. All these factors will help you determine where to install fixed bubbler heads. 

All Season Landscaping 

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