Types of Trophies 

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It is the culmination of many years of making and designing some of the most famous awards that are awarded in India and around the world. The collection embodies our philosophy to create award-winning awards in a thoughtful and eco-friendly manner with a commitment to innovation as well as quality and craftsmanship. 

Why should you Studio Abd ? We create one of the finest design expressions in Trophy Design Company India . One of the things most of us cherish for the rest of our life is certificates, awards, and trophies. It has such a priceless value attached to the idea of success and celebration of excellence. Studio ABD has a unique eye to capture these priceless emotions in various trophy designs, from kids, and shows to film awards. Our understanding of materials and processes gives us a powerful tool to create a unique experience of blending the materials, from silver, steel, and crystal to acrylic. Studio ABD has been working on trophy designs in India for over a decade, creating many iconic trophies for various important events. The studio specialises in designing trophies (event identity) for various events from corporate, and film to sports events.


A luscious and tactile blend of sustainable, transparent acrylic The Split Cumulus is a striking and flexible award. The award is presented in the classic shape The design is a modern take on the classic silver plate. All material is hand-carved by our expert craftsmen Each element has been meticulously thought of throughout the process including the exposed timber grain, to the polished surface on the clear.

As a simpler alternative We also offer our standard Cumulus award. Standard Cumulus is a hand-carved acrylic with polished edges in a circle that is unbroken. We also provide free graphic design services by our skilled designers in the Design Awards service. With a name in metal and in two sizes The Cumulus is an ideal centrepiece for any award or celebration ceremony.


A refined rectangular prism with a thoughtful combination of materials The Tower is among our best-loved models. The warmth of the material with sharp, striking edges creates an impressively unassuming award. It is made from recycled hardwood that was carefully selected by our skilled craftsmen, and whittled individually to match the metal counterpart. A lot of care go into every one of our Towers.

The traditional Tower trophy comes in a natural timber piece, with polished stone However, the finishes are able to be customised to meet your requirements. Contact us now to inquire about the possibilities available.


A wonderful tactile blend that is made up of salvaged lumber and raw steel The Peak is among our most sought-after awards. With every component carefully selected by our skilled craftsmen and women, you can rest assured that every detail was taken care of in the creation of the Peak award – from the exposed wood grain to the smelt of the wood wax. Three sizes are available and with personalised design and printing on flatbeds The Peak is a great centrepiece for any award or celebration ceremony.


A flaming flame is the inspiration behind the Torch is a sleek long, elongated shape made of metal, with smooth edges as well as a floating aluminium name tab. The Torch is created with a void inside which a clear acrylic part can be placed to provide an additional dimension of individuality, based on the specific requirements of your business. Standard Torch trophy is available in gloss black or matte warm white. However, all components can be custom-fit to any colour to match your branding and aesthetics.


With a classic curved form The Sail is a comfortable and elongated shape made of metal that has round edges and an aluminium name tab. The Standard Sail trophy is available in gloss black or matte warm white. However, all components can be specifically matched to any colour that matches the brand’s style and identity.


Drawing inspiration from the smoke of a stream The Plume can be described as an abstracted artistic design made of metal with smooth edges and a floating name tab. The regular Plume trophy is available in gloss black or matte warm white, but the elements can be specifically match to any colour to fit your branding and personal taste.


An elegant organic design A sophisticated organic form, the Stone is constructed from metal that has round edges, as well as a floating aluminium name tab. The Stone award has been created with a void within which a transparent acrylic piece can be inserted for an additional dimension of individuality, customised to your individual requirements. The Standard Stone trophy is available in gloss black or matte warm white. However, all components can be customised to any colour or finish to reflect your brand’s image and preferences.

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