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As the holidays approach, it’s time to update your footwear for the big day, parties, and evenings out. Christmas is the ideal time to dress up and give your feet to something glittery or sophisticated. The holidays are also an excellent time to treat yourself and your children to a new pair of slippers, whether they are classic or amusing novelty styles.

If you have time, why not spend a couple of days with the kids to create your own Christmas shoes? This can be a lot of fun and will keep the kids busy throughout the holidays. Make it a Christmas Day competition by decorating a pair of festive shoes with tinsel, sequins, and pompoms and having a family member judge them on the big day.

If you don’t have time to do this, we understand it’s a hectic time of year. You can always select a type with a festive pattern and go with that; they tend to be primarily slippers, making them ideal stocking fillers or for keeping feet cozy on Christmas Eve.

Remember, if there is a style you have had your eye on, now is the time to ask for it! Perhaps you have spotted a boot style that you want to dress up for Winter, or perhaps there is a glam pair of heels you want to wear to a New Year’s Eve party! Consider that the Spring season is still a few months away, so a pair of boots will come in useful during the winter months.

Top Ten Women’s Shoes To Get For Christmas:

The Over-Knee Boot:

Over-the-knee boots provide both elegance and warmth throughout the season. This is a glamorous design, and the best part is that it will keep your legs and feet toasty warm. Choose between a suede effect material and a design with some details, such as a full-length zip.

Depending on your mood, they may be worn up or down. Wear them over your skinny jeans or leggings for a casual appearance, and layer on a cozy jumper. If you’re going out, pair them with a swing dress and a statement necklace for a style right out of the sixties; if you’re going to a party, put a fur coat over the top to keep you toasty against the elements.

The Heeled Ankle Boot:

It’s important to have a beautiful style that can take you from the workplace to the Christmas party over the holiday season. A heeled ankle boot is ideal for both work and pleasure, and as a flexible style, it will match anything in your closet.

If you’re going to a party after work, pair them with a black or seasonal red skater dress and slick lipstick. Choosing models with eye-catching fabrics or a unique finish, such as suede or patent, will offer a special touch to your outfit.

The Slipper:

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a cozy pair of slippers. Whether you buy them for yourself or get them as a present, they are helpful to have around to keep you warm and comfortable and as a welcome relaxation after a night of dancing. If you want something a little more stylish, a pair of bootie slippers are the way to go; with contemporary colors and patterns, they will feel wonderfully comfortable against your feet.

A complete slipper is durable and safe for your feet; it will not slide off your feet as you stroll up and down the stairs. They feel great on your feet after a long day since they are usually cushioned and soft-lined. Are slippers not your style? Check out our slipper socks, which are ideal for wearing in bed on chilly evenings.

The Loafer’s:

For informal Christmas celebrations, you want a comfortable and simple shoes; high heel sandals, after all, are not usually the most comfortable shoes to wear. A pair of loafers will not only offer you a trendy style, but they will also keep your feet comfortable.

For a more casual style, wear them with cigarette trousers, a cozy pullover, and ruffled socks, or pair them with thick tights and a tartan skirt for a somewhat dressier look. Loafers are generally known for being one of the most comfortable designs available, so don’t pass them up for those informal get-togethers this Christmas.

The Wellies:

Nothing beats a nice pair of wellies in the wintertime; they’re ideal for playing in muddy puddles with the kids and long leisurely walks after a festive pub meal with the family. Choose from various vibrant, dramatic colors and designs to brighten up those dismal, drab days. You may wear Wellies with almost any outfit; however, to keep your feet especially toasty, combine them with thick tights or socks. They are the footwear to have in the rain or snow.

The Ballet Flats:

Wear a pair of traditional ballerinas to indoor family events to look attractive. Ballerinas are far from dull, particularly when you choose models with fascinating details. A pair of black ballerinas with sparkly accents will lend an understated spectacular touch to your appearance; looking for even more glitz?

Choose a pair with bows, studs, or diamantes. If black isn’t your color, go with navy blue or a metallic tone. Ballerinas are very comfortable and flexible, so you can wear them with skinny jeans or a dress and still look party-ready.

The Party Shoe:

Christmas is ideal for dressing up to the nines and wearing something unique or provocative. Every woman’s wardrobe should include a decent pair of party shoes to offer her a trendy edge while attending festive events. A vast selection is available, and you will undoubtedly find something to match your favorite party dress.

Choose a bold, brightly colored dress and match it with tiny, glittery black shoes, or go for full-on dazzle and pair metallic platform heels with a sequin dress. Velvet is a major trend this season, so take a cue from the gothic look and match a velvet dress in a deep burgundy or emerald color with a pair of classic court shoes or, for a more dramatic effect, a pair of velvet peep toe shoe boots. And you can match it with a cute ladies bag to make it complete.

The Wedge:

It has to be mentioned that too much partying in heels can make your feet hurt, so if you have a lot of parties during the Christmas season, make sure you vary things up and alternate between wedges and heels. Not only will your feet thank you, but you can create a fresh style for each occasion.

Wedges are less difficult to walk in than most people believe, and you will appreciate their additional height without causing injury to your feet. Choose a traditional black pair to lend a subtle touch of elegance to your ensemble, but don’t be afraid to include some color and detail. You can’t go wrong with wedges paired with your favorite party dress or a pair of stylish pants.

The Snow Boot:

A pair of snow boots is a must-have in your Winter wardrobe if we get a snowy Christmas (fingers crossed!). When the weather changes, it’s always preferable to be prepared to have wet, sloppy feet. Snow Boots are very warm and cozy, which is ideal when the temperature decreases. The grip sole provides added security while walking on ice conditions, and any cushioning adds to that.

Snow boots should be ordered slightly bigger so that you may wear thick tights or socks underneath for increased warmth. They will go with almost any outfit, but if it’s chilly, keep to a heavy coat, a thick sweater, and essential accessories like a hat, scarf, and gloves. Because the snow might get mushy and muddy, it’s preferable to choose a darker color boot that won’t show off the dirt as much.

The Trainers:

To work off that Christmas turkey in the New Year. Every year, we all make the resolution to get in shape and return to the gym, so why not make it a reality in 2017? Get yourself a new pair of sneakers and get started.

Running will be a breeze with these bright, lightweight trainers. Instead of driving to work, start jogging. If running isn’t your thing, walking for thirty minutes a day may be good exercise.

Depending on the activity, choose lace-up or slip-on trainers, and always make sure they are correctly tied to your feet to prevent any mishaps. Do you want to add some individuality to your sportswear? Please choose from our vibrant colors and eye-catching designs to create an appearance that is uniquely yours.

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