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Valentine Adlon Biography

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Valentine Adlon Biography: The actress is the daughter of Felix O. and Pamela Adlon. Her father is an American film writer and her mother is a single Caucasian woman. In 1982, she made her acting debut in the hit film Grease 2. Since then, she has starred in numerous films. Her most notable roles include “Say Anything…” (1989), “Bed of Roses” (1996), “Lucky 13” (2005), and “Conception” (2011). More recently, Adlon starred in “I Love You, Daddy” (2017, starring Bradley Cooper), “All Square” (2019), “Bumblebee”, and “Holler” (2020).

Felix O. Adlon was an American film writer

The American screenwriter and producer Felix O. Adlon is an established name in the entertainment industry. He has produced several movies and is the ex-husband of actress Pamela Adlon. His work is well recognized and he is known for creating logical storylines for his movies. During his career, he has written a number of films, such as Salmonberries and Mahler on the couch. In the early 1990s, he and his wife Pamela Adlon met and married.

Adlon graduated from Ithaca College in 1993. His acting career started in 1993 and he made his debut in a documentary called The Glittering World of Hotel Adlon. In 1997, he became a director in the short film Eat Your Heart Out. He later acted in Mahler on the Couch and Salmonberries.

After his divorce from Pamela, Felix got married to German-Australian actress Nina Adlon. They have three children together and live in Germany. Their net worth is estimated at $1 million. Their first marriage ended in divorce but the couple is still in touch with their daughters.

Pamela Adlon is a single woman

Pamela Adlon is a successful director and writer, who helmed all four seasons of “Better Things.” She has also won a Peabody Award and Emmy for her work on “Saturday Night Live.” She will direct a new comedy called “Summer,” starring Ilana Glazer. Glazer, who is also a director, wrote the script with Josh Rabinowitz.

Pamela Adlon is a famous television actress, who has been married twice. She was married to Felix O. Adlon (1996-2010). Pamela Adlon was born on July 9, 1966, in New York City. She is 56 years old. She has played various roles in movies and TV shows, and is known for her role in “Better Things” as Sam Fox.

Pamela Adlon began acting at an early age. She was nominated for an Emmy for her role in “Californication” and has since appeared on numerous TV shows. She also co-created the show “Better Things” with Louis C.K. In recent years, Adlon has starred in various films and series.

Odessa Adlon is a Caucasian actress

Odessa Adlon is renowned for her enviable figure and striking looks. She is of mixed ethnicity and is a natural blonde with blue eyes. She is also popular on social media, and she has an extensive Instagram account with over a million followers. As of 2019, she has not received any nominations or awards for her acting or modeling work. Her net worth is estimated to be in the $100k-$1 million range.

Adlon’s acting career began with the teleseries Better Things, created by her mother. She has since appeared in a number of different television series and movies. Her most recent roles include Love, Nashville and Milo Murphy’s Law. She has also lent her voice to video games, including The Walking Dead.

Odessa Adlon was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. She has two siblings and two sisters. She is the daughter of actress Pamela Adlon and director Felix O. Adlon. Her parents divorced in 2010. She has two sisters.

Valentine Adlon is the daughter of Pamela Adlon and Felix O. Adlon

Valentine Adlon is the daughter of prominent American Film director and writer Felix O Adlon and an American actress, Pamela Adlon. She is a Caucasian American. Her parents are separated. Pamela Adlon is a screenwriter, producer, and director, and Valentine’s father is a writer and director.

Pamela and Felix O Adlon dated for several years before getting married. They had an affair and decided to divorce in 2010, leaving their three daughters to raise alone. Pamela Adlon is now concentrating on her career and her acting career while Felix is focused on his career. Felix O Adlon’s first marriage ended in 1997, but he and Pamela divorced in 2010 and have three daughters.

Valentine Adlon was born in New York in 2004. Her parents separated in 2010 and Felix moved to Germany. She still attends high school in her hometown. She has two grandparents, Don Segall and Marina L. Segall. To know more visit

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