Varanasi – The Cultural & Industrial Mix

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Varanasi is rich in culture, education, has so many art forms, great temples, and very famous Arti ghats. Varanasi being the oldest city known to the world, this place had some of the best learning schools, had the greatest authors of all times. Intelligence and knowledge has always been a part of Varanasi. Overtime, Varanasi has also developed further and some of the big industries have also established in Varanasi. Varanasi is still connected to its roots by all means and has developed for the betterment as well. Varanasi has been able to cater both the aspects equally. Balance of culture and development has been maintained beautifully so that none can affect the other. The people of the city have paid a lot of attention not to alter the beautiful heritage of the city. They take extreme pride in the rich culture. You’ll be pleased to learn that Varanasi features museum-quality architectural designs from Banaras’ arts, crafts, and architecture. It displays how historical patterns and movements have changed throughout time. It includes a wide range of original and well-done paintings and sculptures, as well as rare folk art treasures. Apart from having a plethora of things that make it a culture rich city Varanasi has produced expert artisans throughout the millennia, and the city is well known for its Sarees, textiles, toys, handicrafts, decorations, metal work, pottery and wooden work, and leaves and fibers crafts. All this has also led to bringing up multiple industries in and around Varanasi which has led to the economic development of the city as well. Having said that, Banaras has not fallen behind in the modern industries despite its historical crafts. Ramnagar is known to be the industrial area of Varanasi and boasts of multiple industries revolving around manufacturing of textiles, handicrafts, etc. Apart from all this, Varanasi has a number of ancient properties, some of which have been converted into hotels. Since there is so much tourism that happens year round in Varanasi, the place has also become home to some really modern hotels as well.

Ramada Varanasi

Ramada Varanasi is a 5 star luxurious property of Ramada located at Katesar. This property is located at a crossroads where one can have the fun of both the worlds since it is only 7.5 kilometers from Ganga Ghat, 12.3 kilometers from Dhamekh Stupa, 10.6 kilometers from the Railway Station of Varanasi, and 29.6 kilometers from Lal Bahadur Airport Terminal. It is the ideal location to take advantage of distinguished luxurious services and amenities as well as the lovely and tranquil surroundings. Ramada Varanasi Katesar is known for its hospitality and infrastructure and can be easily termed as one of the most exquisite hotels in and around Varanasi. Everything that one can expect, whether it is the wish to indulge in a luxury or unwind during your visit in the “Abode Of Shiva”, Ramada Varanasi provides everything one can be on the lookout for whilst visiting Varanasi. This hotel, unlike most available in the city, has beautiful air conditioned rooms that are also sound proof, round the clock internet that is free along with daily housekeeping services, sanitized washrooms, tight security, beautiful swimming pools that can be found both indoor and outdoor that are also children friendly. Their restaurant is known for its authentic Indian food as well as continental for the travelers coming in from round the world. A few of the services that inspire our guests to stay with us repeatedly include personalized concierge service such as pickups and drops, rental cars and taxis, a high ratio of staff-to-room, outstanding room service, and ease of contact with hotel employees. Start out your vacation days as positively as you can. Start each day of your holiday with a breakfast provided by the hotel. With a cup of the excellent coffee served in the hotel’s cafe, you may rise up bright and energized in the mornings. Never let your vacation plans be hampered by hunger! On-site restaurants offer easy and delectable dining alternatives. Have a good time in the hotel’s bar at night with fellow traveling friends. The Ramada Varanasi Katesar provides visitors with superb recreational amenities. Every day, the resort’s on-site pool beckons you in for a chilly plunge or a few revitalizing laps. Going to the resort’s fitness center will keep you young and fit if you detest missing an exercise. The hotel is located near the ghats and Ramnagar fort so you can explore these places and the meeting rooms or the business center/ board room facility of the hotel will help with the formal events as well. These business centers or board rooms are fully equipped to cater any formal events keeping it all secure and private. Good food and good music helps further adding value to such formal events. Ramada in short has one of the best meeting halls in Varanasi. Feel the authenticity of Hindu culture and the purity of emotions and dedication in the devotees for God on the Ghats of Ganga with Ramada Varanasi.