Vastu: How to Build Up Positive Energies at Your Home

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The energies present at home may have an impact on a home. In the same manner that people have natures and energies. you can enter the good energy in the space and make it work in your favour by applying Vastu Shastra. 

Most of the energy enters your home’s entrance or main door. The need to perfect Vastu for home entrances is very important.

Good Direction by Vastu Shastra 

The perfect Vastu Expert for your home’s entrance is likely one of your first considerations when you purchase a home and decorate the interior. According to the main door house entry Vastu directions, the north is the best choice. The home’s residents benefit greatly from the high energy levels, and this direction delivers positivity. 

The east would be the useful choice if you wanted power and celebration to be the dominant themes at home. The east, however, is not the most advantageous direction. 

You must place the entry as near as possible to the wall’s north side according to the main door house entrance, wherever northeast is the most encouraging direction in a home according to house entry Vastu directions. 

Tips to Improve Home Interior 

  1. Door Main Entrance Interior 

According to Vastu’s recommendations for home entrances, wood is the best material. If the entry to your home is not facing the Vastu-recommended directions, i.e., the south and southwest are barred, then adding wood and metal can balance this dosha.

  1. Mirror Displacement of Reflection

According to Vastu Shastra, Mirrors are a double-edged blade because they reflect both positive and negative energy. Never install a mirror immediately across from the front door. 

You don’t want all the positive energy to be reflected outside the house. A mirror should be placed next to the entrance at a right angle. This allows the mirror to emit happiness inside the home.

  1. Placing Tree Around the Door 

Positive energy is attracted to beauty, and natural beauty is drawn in this respect. Wellness and unity are connected with greenery, which exceeds various intelligent systems and Vastu Shastra to great positivity.

An excellent technique to create unity inside your walls is to have plants and succulents inside and outside the main door. But stay away from cacti and spiky plants because they are not good for Vastu.

  1. God Statues at Your Home by Vastu

The placement of god and goddess statues and idols at your entrance is said to be lucky. To welcome luck, money, and success into your home, according to Vastu consultant online, you should place Ganesha and Lakshmi statues and photographs at the front door.

You should never forget to surround the area where the religious icons are placed in your home with a divine atmosphere. This is the best Vastu Tips for Home. Lighting candles, diyas, and fragrance sticks in front of your icons will accomplish this. For a pleasant fragrance and calming atmosphere, you can also put flowers in water basins for a pleasant fragrance and calming atmosphere.

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  1. Bedroom by Vastu Shastra

The Bedroom area of the house where different energies can freely play in your home is this one. This is the case since everyone who visits and other family members gather to bring a range of energies, some positive and others harmful. Making sure that the house is filled with only good energy is essential. 

When guests are over, Vastu advises that the family should face either the North or the East, and guests must be seated across from the family. Simple changes to the seating arrangement can complete this. Additionally, all electronic devices must face south, which is the direction of fire. That will guarantee that your home receives only the greatest and most pleasant energy.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

In terms of Vastu, the advice of a professional is frequently very helpful. You will have a good life and a lovely house. Sometimes the Vastu suggestions are boring, useless, and impossible. However, there is nothing to worry about. Instead of being regulations, these recommendations are more like guidelines. 


Vastu assumes the arrangement, style, dimensions, and spatial geometrical coordinates to provide a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in your home. It is among the things that genuinely transform your negativity into positivity. 

Negative energies won’t ever be able to enter such homes if one ensures that Vastu principles do the construction. It is true when relocating to a new home. A Vastu Consultation and a few minor arrangements and alignments of the necessary things to give the house perfectly.

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