Virtual Conferences: Top Advice for Maximizing the Experience

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If addressed correctly, virtual conferences may be significant and rewarding events. The opportunity to go away from work, family, and obligations is one of the advantages of attending a conference in person. A virtual conference provides none of these benefits, but it is possible to create an environment that replicates the conference experience on a virtual level.

These approaches to virtual conference registration have assisted one in reengaging with the virtual conference and making it a lot more meaningful and satisfying experience.

1. Remove yourself from your actual life

This is probably the most challenging tip, so I’ll begin with it. The reality is that even when you fly to a conference, your job and home life continue to follow you virtually. Now that you are attending a remote meeting, your job and home life are in the next room. Make every effort to clear your schedule, put your email in “out of office” mode, and inform your family members that you will be studying.

2. Change environments

When attending a conference, you should make an effort to leave your home, even if it is still difficult to travel despite the resumption of normality. Perhaps you go to the coffee shop across the street with decent Wi-Fi and outside tables, or perhaps it’s a temporary conference room. If you have a neighbor who is out of town or at work, volunteer to guard their home in return for time away from your residence or apartment. The change of environment may assist get your mind in the correct frame of mind for learning since you won’t be distracted by thoughts of duties you should be doing at home.

3. Establish a conference schedule

Consider what you do when you physically attend a conference. Before traveling to the hotel’s Starbucks in the morning, do you exercise? Do you review the sessions beforehand and highlight the ones you want to attend? Perhaps you will dress up? Re-creating your typical conference routine might assist in putting you in the proper mindset to absorb information. If you have access to a second venue (see suggestion No. 2), you can virtually recreate the whole event remotely.

4. Synchronized sessions

One of the major benefits of virtual conferences is the abundance of sessions available during and after the event. No longer must you feel uncomfortable leaving a session that doesn’t work for you. You may now exit the virtual environment and enter a new one in a matter of seconds. Try to discover speakers and sessions that promise to be participatory for participants as you peruse the program. These sessions are optimal to attend in real-time, since you may actively participate.

5. On-demand sessions

As you review your schedule, attempt to determine which sessions will be accessible for watching at a later time. Additionally, check the session descriptions to see whether it is a standard “sit-and-get” session. Choose the more engaging session for your real-time experience, and then return to see the other session. I’m still watching SXSWedu talks more than two months after the event!

6. Interaction

Interacting throughout the session is another technique to maintain focus. If there is a chat or question-and-answer function, attempt to interact with other participants or speakers. As a regular virtual presenter, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing an active chat room. This is difficult to replicate in person since you are often confined to conversing with the individuals next to you. Make the most of it!


Even while it is hard to entirely mimic the in-person conference experience in a virtual environment, the article hopes that a few of these recommendations regarding online registration for conference will help you maximize your next virtual event.