Visitor Visa Canada: A Complete Checklist For 2022

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Canada is a beautiful country with a wide range of natural marvels, historical landmarks, and ethnic diversity. It is a popular destination due to its immigration-friendly policies. 

The CIC government has initiated an online visitor visa Canada application process with the paper process. The visit visa is a temporary resident visa required by all non-citizens who wish to visit Canada for leisure and tourism, see family and friends, or do business.

However, applications get rejected owing to incomplete details and inadequate or inaccurate documentation. If you want to apply for a visit visa to Canada, keep reading to learn the essential information.

Minimum Requirements:

Applicants for visitor visa Canada must have the following: 

• a passport (this should have a minimum validity of six months)

• a health certificate 

• a travel itinerary with confirmed return tickets

• complete documentation of employment, family, and financial resources

• proof of funds, depending on where you’re staying and just how long you’ll be there (hotel/friends/relatives)

• have no criminal or immigration-related convictions in their past

Applicants may get asked to provide further documents, undergo a medical examination or attend an interview after submitting the paperwork. Do not confirm any travel plans until you have received your visa from the Canadian Embassy. Since the application process might take days, it is advisable to start at least three weeks before your planned departure date.

Visa Application Process:

It is a time-consuming process, requiring patience. The following are six basic steps to follow while applying:

Step 1: Download the Visa Application 

Step 2: Attach all relevant supporting documents 

Step 3: Pay the Visa Processing and Biometrics Fee 

Step 4: Submit the Application 

Step 5: Visit Embassy for Biometrics 

Step 6: Wait for the decision


Visitor visa – per person CAD 100 per person

Visitor visa – per family CAD 500 (1 fee per family of 5 or more people)

Biometrics Fee: per person CAD 85 

Biometrics Fee: per family CAD 170 (2 or more people)

Note: There are a few facts about visitor visas that you should know: 

• Visit visas are valid for a period of up to six months. 

• Invitation letters are not necessary to apply for a visitor visa since they are non-immigrant visas (however, it can make your case strong and prove that you are visiting Canada to meet family or friends).

• When you hold a visiting visa or a Business Visa in Canada, you cannot engage in any commercial activity.

• Applicants going to Canada from a nation that does not require a visa and require eTA

Business visas are not the same as work permits. Business Visa Canada permits visitors to engage in business-related activities such as meeting with clients or visiting worksites. They must, however, apply for a work permit if they plan to engage in technical or production-related activities or stay in Canada for more than six months.


If you want to apply for a canada education visa, be sure you have submitted all the necessary paperwork. Moreover, factors such as security, health, or economics might also be responsible for your rejection of a Canadian visitor visa.

Kevin Peter