Ways To Decorate Your Puja Thali On Raksha Bandhan

Ways To Decorate Your Puja Thali On Raksha Bandhan
Ways To Decorate Your Puja Thali On Raksha Bandhan
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Raksha Bandhan is all set to knock on our doors on 11th August 2022 this year and this might be thrilling and exciting for you. You must be very excited to choose gifts for your sibling and of course the puja thali. Well, Raksha Bandhan is not just for the exchange of gifts and celebrating the occasion, but this is a spiritual occasion in which there’s a lot of significance of puja and rituals. Traditional people believe a lot in the puja rituals of Raksha Bandhan and that is why they are very particular about how better they can decorate their puja thali on Raksha Bandhan. 

Decorated plates always look good and beautiful and hence we’ve often seen this only in serials and movies. But in reality, we are not concerned about decorating our puja thalis. But if you start doing it, you will realize the ultimate significance of it and hence you must also start decorating your puja thalis for this auspicious occasion. 

We always spend a lot of time choosing rakhis for our brothers and also the gifts for the rakhi celebration, but we aren’t bothered about the puja thali for rakhi which isn’t good. 

Today we will be guiding you about how you can decorate your puja thali on this Raksha Bandhan so continue reading. 

How to decorate puja thalis of Raksha Bandhan?

Before you start arranging your puja thalis for Raksha Bandhan, it’s essential to first know about a proper list of items that you need for arranging the thali. Once you have all of them with you, it’s easier to arrange them in your puja thali. So, here is a list of Raksha Bandhan puja essentials you need:

1.      Flower Petals

Flower petals make your puja thali most beautiful and hence this is something that sets the base of a puja thali. Your thali doesn’t look good and complete without flowers so buy any kind of flowers you love and decorate the pooja thali with the same. You can even surprise your brother by hiding tickets beneath the flower petals to some destination for a rakhi celebration. For this, you need to search for the Best Vacation Spots For Fun Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Flowers are the primary thing for any occasion. Why? Because it looks like a welcoming gesture. Showing flowers to your brother during the rituals of Raksha Bandhan would bring good luck their way. 

2.      Roli and chawal

This is one of the most essential items in a puja thali. Without roli and chawal, the ritual of Raksha Bandhan is incomplete and cannot be performed. Hence, make sure that you do have these essential things as these dust off the negativity from your and your brother’s life and fill it with ultimate positivity and happiness. These things also keep the evils at bay. So, make sure that you are buying these items before anything else for your Raksha Bandhan puja thali.

3.      Incense sticks

Adding some aroma to the room will bring peace and positivity. Lighten up your atmosphere with a pleasing smell. Not just on occasions, but you can do this regularly as this will help you rejuvenate yourself, relax your mind, calm your soul, and extracts stress from you. Doing this would bring peace to the festivity and it makes a puja thali look decent and beautiful. There are many scent aromas available such as jasmine, lavender, chamomile, etc. Choose what you admire the most. 

4.      Diya

Performing puja isn’t complete without a diya in the puja thali. Diyas are known for removing the negativity from your and your brother’s life and showering love on your loved ones. This is a kind of showing respect towards your brother while performing puja. 

5.      Sweets

Sweets are also essential as when you are done with everything, you offer sweets to your brother and conclude the ceremony of Raksha Bandhan. Ending the ceremony with sweets would mean that you are completing it on a good and sweet note. So, do not forget to add some of your brother’s favorite sweets to the puja thali. 

6.      Rakhi

How can you forget this? Raksha Bandhan is just incomplete without adding rakhi to your plate. Add rakhi of your choice. There are a wide variety of rakhi designs such as Kundan rakhis, Zaveri rakhis, zari rakhis, and peacock rakhis. Buy what will suit the personality of your brother. 

So, this way you can decorate your Raksha Bandhan puja thali with everything essential into it. You can even add some dry fruits to your puja thali as many people think that rakhi with dry fruits is prosperous and ensures good living.

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