Ways to Help Improve Your Child’s Writing Skills

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Writing plays a key role in academics and communication. However, in today’s times dominated by gadgets, children rarely have the scope to improve their writing skills. Nonetheless, one should not ignore the value writing skills have in one’s life. Thus, this account will be useful if you are wondering how to help your kids with this sphere. 

How to Help Your Kid Improve Writing Skills?

Parents and educators can take care of the below points to aid the kids in enhancing their writing skills.

Link Interests

You can discover your child’s favourite topic or subject and ask them to write a story or article on it. 

Encourage Diary or Journal Writing

Diary entries or journals are great ways of practicing writing skills. For example, you can plan a trip and encourage your kid to write everything about the outing. You may also motivate them to fill out their diary entry at the end of each day.

Variety in Materials

Trying different materials to write can be a fun way to teach writing skills. You can provide your kid with a salt writing tray to make this process enjoyable. Finger painting and sidewalk chalk while on the driveway are also great options. 

Fun Factor

There are many ways to make writing more fun and interesting, such as playing games like crossword and other word games. Teachers of the best CBSE school in Pune can introduce more such options.

Regular Reading

Reading is quintessential to having a stronger grip on writing. It increases one’s vocabulary and makes writing easier with the larger collection of words to express feelings. 

Cues for Story Writing

You can also create prompts for your child’s story-writing activities. For example, you can use magazine cut-outs, form clues, and ask your kid to connect the images and write a story. It will increase their creativity and their writing skills.


Praising your child’s attempts is a huge motivator in each part of their journey. Your kid feels more confident seeing that you are interested in their work.  


Create worksheets depending on your child’s age, such as tracing letters and words. 

Writing Letters

Letter-writing is a great practice to improve writing skills. Today, students hardly write letters due to the advancement of digital communication. However, you can motivate your kids to write letters or include them as part of a game. Also, while looking for an answer to which is the best school in Pune, choose one that encourages letter-writing.

Dedicated Space

Your home can have a dedicated space for writing to avoid distractions and enhance focused practice. 

Learning from Seeing

Parents are their kids’ first teachers. Thus, if your child sees you write often, they can develop more interest in it. 


Your kid should be assured that you will be available when they need help with spelling or grammar.   

Daily Tasks

You can incorporate your child’s writing into daily tasks like grocery lists. Writing every day maintains the habit consistently. 

Utilize Technology

Leverage technology positively to improve your kid’s writing skills. For example, you can engage your child in writing a blog on a given topic, which greatly boosts the art of writing.  

The Final Thoughts

The above practices and exercises shall go a long way in improving your child’s writing skills. You can follow these ways and surely witness an improvement in their flair for writing.

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