We just found the best lash studio in Gurgaon!!!

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A few years ago, women patiently used false eyelashes every day to appear their best. However, given the modern lifestyle of women, time is priceless. Every second is crucial. Instead of using false eyelashes, ladies are having lash specialists professionally apply eyelash extensions at salons. With this fad in full swing, salons are beginning to provide the complete range of services. Finding the greatest eyelash extensions in your neighbourhood is difficult. Thankfully there is someone who champions the cause for all women, Karas Extensions.

In Gurgaon, there are roughly 20 salons. Upon reflection, you would choose anything close to your home. However, there are additional factors to consider if you want service that is worth every penny. Let us tell you why Karas Extensions is just the right salon for you.

Does the salon have an excellent reputation and positive reviews?

If a salon receives positive reviews, it may have a good reputation (mainly on Google because those are the hardest to fake). Social networking networks are an excellent place to begin your study. You can determine whether or not the majority of their consumers are satisfied; despite the possibility that some of the reviews are fabricated. You can also question friends or family members who have gotten eyelash extensions at that salon. View before-and-after images and inquire about their experiences. If the majority would say it’s a terrific place and you’re happy with how the eyelash extensions appear on them, this is a positive sign. Karas Extensions had the luxury of your word of mouth for over 4 years. Not only that a near 5 star rating on Google do really account for something.

Our clients the ratings and comments, hence they are interested in visiting the location. When they verify Karas Extensions by themselves by visiting us that the ambience is clean, cosy, well-lit, and soothing they do somewhat believe the ratings online. What really hits the mark is when you discover the impeccable quality products and up to date equipment.  That is to the delight of anyone who enters our premises.

Are the eyelash specialists at Karas Extensions legit?

Everyone wants to verify the salon’s lash technician’s credibility. Credibility requires certification, training, and experience. The purpose of visiting a salon is to enhance your natural beauty. You have faith that the personnel and crew will do so. When you shut your eyes, knowing that you and your lashes are in the hands of reputable lash specialists will put your mind at ease.

Nobody wants an inexperienced technician to apply eyelash extensions improperly. Remember that these eyelashes will remain in place for eight weeks, so if they look strange and unnatural, you will have to endure them for that duration. Karas Extensions are experienced and have thousands of hours of combined work experience, making your visit a very professional and soothing experience.

Will Karas Extensions pay heed to my needs?

Before the initial application of eyelash extensions, a lash technician would conduct a consultation. This is where they learn more about the style you choose. In addition, it is when they provide their professional feedback regarding your desires. The problem with some of the technicians is that they perform their duties while ignoring the customer’s demands and needs. At Karas Extensions lash technician performs this consultation during the initial appointment so you can rest assured that you will receive excellent care.

You know what you want and you have earned the right to acquire it. Our lash technician’s care about you, they would first consider your input. If they believe that what you want is not the greatest option, they might propose alternatives that still match your desired aesthetic.

How lengthy is the complete procedure?

Consider application time when selecting the top eyelash extensions in your area, Karas Extensions. The time required to apply eyelash extensions should be fair. Some salons may require up to three hours. This may indicate that the salon employs a less expensive adhesive that takes longer to dry. Ideal application time at Karas would be between one and two hours since we use best quality products.

Eyelash extensions can last anywhere between six and eight weeks. This is comparable to the natural eyelash growth cycle. The quality of a lash technician’s work would be evident if the lashes still look excellent after weeks without maintenance. However, you can maintain a full appearance by visiting Karas every three to four weeks

Winding up

Remember that excellence is what you seek. It does not matter if it takes you a few more kilometres to reach the salon from your home. Do not compromise quality for a lower price. You will become discouraged and regret the entire process. In addition, you will have eyelashes that you will end up hiding for weeks. Opt the best among the many good. Opt for Karas Extensions and pave the way to the new and beautiful you.

Myra Singh