What Are The Best Fish Restaurants in Lahore?

best fish in Lahore
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Lahoris and their love for fish are undeniable. Of course, the fusion of different spices immersing deep into the fish, cooked to excellence and nicely presented on a plate gives a mouth-watering experience. The soft and juicy fish gives a unique and tempting flavour that people cannot stop from eating more. Winters definitely demand the consumption of fish till your heart is full. Fish is a little more expensive than other meat groups.  And why do you even need to struggle at home when there are plenty of restaurants in Lahore that can deliver exceptional fish? But finding an excellent restaurant to enjoy the best fish in Lahore in an affordable rate can be a legwork. So, here we are! We are enlisting some of the best restaurants in Lahore whose fish is worth trying. Let’s get on the hunt for finding an incredible restaurant for fish. The Sea is filled with weird creatures, and Blobfish is one of them. Blobfish look like a funny creatures.

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Bamboo Union

The love of Lahoris for Pan Asian restaurants is unbeatable. Bamboo Union is an Asian-inspired restaurant that offers delicious meals under a single roof. Along with a burst of impressively tasting Chinese dishes, you can order their best fish in Lahore that can satiate your long-awaited fish cravings. Our favourite item from their fish menu is Grilled Fish which is seasoned and grilled to perfection and served along with a spicy sauce. Apart from this, you can enjoy their Tamarind Fish, Union Special Fish, and Fish Gravy which are wonderfully flavorful. Bamboo Union is an all-in-one Asian restaurant that waits for you to serve the best fish in town!

Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto is famous for its exquisite indoor and outdoor ambience. The restaurant provides the dual joy of enjoying phenomenal dishes in a lavish interior. Here, you can order from a number of options including Italian, Mediterranean and Seafood. Upon visiting the restaurant, don’t forget to order their starter followed by the yummy fish meals. Our personal favourite to order from this restaurant is Samak Harra Fish which is a red snapper served in green cilantro salsa along with coconut rice. Also, their Garlic Red Snapper and Oven Baked Fish have won people’s hearts. Pay a visit to Café Adelanto and beat your hunger now!

Babu Fish Corner

Roadside eateries are often ignored by people but trust me their food is worth trying. Although they lack a proper ambience, they serve tasty delectable meals that are often not found at high-end restaurants. Just like this, Babu Fish Corner is another roadside junction delivering exquisite-tasting fish. You can’t be a true Lahori if you have not tried out their delicious fish yet. They offer a variety of fish like Fish Tandoori, Fish Tikka, Fish Fry and Fish Curry which are highly loved by locals. All these palatable meals are offered to you at greatly economical prices so everyone can cherish fish in winter. Their fish is kept soft, and crispy and delivers the best fish experience. 

Fuchsia Kitchen

A fish fan can never miss Fuchsia Kitchen! The restaurant is packed with hues of fuchsia. The interior and décor combined with courtyard sofas outside give an exquisite ambience. Along with a fine dining experience, their wonderfully tasting meals will leave you in awe. Fuchsia Kitchen is a modern Asian restaurant serving an eclectic mix of Pan Asian Cuisines. It is inspired by Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean flavours and imparts each flavour in its meals. Some of their best-selling fish meals are Crispy Red Snapper, Steamed Red Snapper and Choo Chee Fish. Provide the best treat to your taste buds by visiting Fuchsia Kitchen.

New Haji Restaurant & Fish Corner

Another roadside eatery that has made up to our list is New Haji Restaurant & Fish Corner. To spend quality time with friends and family this restaurant can be an ideal place. Along with a variety of Pakistani cuisine and tantalizing BBQ, it offers an extensive variety of fish options. Their sizzling hot and spicy fish has gained them much popularity. If you are low on budget, then this restaurant is a pocket-friendly option while making no compromise on the quality and taste of the fish. Do try out their Fish Tikka, Fish Fry, and Fish Boneless.


Sashas is an all-purpose restaurant where you can have anything you like to eat and enjoy. Their amazing Tandoori Fish makes you crave more. The fine boneless fillet seasoned perfectly and served with coriander and lemon gives an immediate rush of tempting flavours that provides an unbelievable fish experience. Visit Sashas today and enjoy exciting options on their menu in a stunning vibe.


Our mouth is watering talking about fish and all these restaurants. Are you feeling the same too? Well, visit Bamboo Union today, order their mesmerizing and best fish in Lahore and provide a terrific blast of flavours to your taste buds. 

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