What Are The Concrete Road Barriers Called?

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Using concrete road barriers is one of the most adoptable methods to separate lanes and to protect workers while working on road. The concrete blocks used as a barrier for these purposes are often jersey concrete barriers. There’s a complete history behind why they are called with this name.

And yes, that’s what we are going to explain about jersey barrier in this article. All you need to do is, stay with this page and be good to go.

Everything About Jersey Barriers

In 1950s, engineers in New Jersey (a state of America) have introduced these barriers to the world for the first time. At that time, these barriers were used to separate between lanes and to restrict entrance from specific areas.

These barriers are made with concrete and have a distinguished design. In fact, the height and dimensions are quite different from all other types of concrete blocks. Nowadays, these blocks are used for various purposes among people worldwide.

Pay attention – it has been observed that engineers from Stevens Institute of Technology have introduced these barriers for the first time.  

Top Uses of Jersey Barriers

These barriers are always come up with some great uses and that’s why adopted worldwide. We have spotted some of the great uses of these barriers so you can compare with your situation and get if you need.

Check out below.

Manage Traffic

The top-most use of jersey concrete barriers is to manage traffic. Almost every country worldwide now using these barriers to separate lanes and distribute roads to prevent accidents and traffic jam.

Restricting Specific Areas

With these barriers, you can restrict the open visit to any place. Meanwhile, you can restrict people from visiting your private property. And yes, nowadays these barriers are used by various hospitals, government sectors and institutions in front of entrance to prevent accidents.

These are actually a guide to people to prevent visiting restricted places, or stop colliding direct to the buildings.

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