What are The Types and Uses of Dedicated Server in India

What are The Types and Uses of Dedicated Server in India
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Selecting a hosting service to host your website is a challenging job to do as there are so many options to pick from. You not only have to choose a web hosting company but also you have to select a web hosting service that suits your website’s needs. However, if you have a website that is grown and you want to use a dedicated server for your website in India then you first have to know about all of its components. 

There are several types of Dedicated servers to choose from in India depending on what plan you plan to use for your website. In this article, I will tell you 6 different types of Dedicated servers and 9 ways to use Dedicated server hosting in India.

What is Dedicated Server?

A dedicated Server, also known as a bare metal Sever, is a type of web hosting where a user buys an entire server to host their website. Unlike other hosting, users don’t have to share RAM, CPU, or other server resources with other websites or organizations. Also, you can control all server configurations and functions according to your needs.

Dedicated servers mostly benefit businesses that largely depend on their applications and website in India. Dedicated servers have several advantages such as better security, customization, and stability. 

6 Types of Dedicated Server in India

If you are looking for a dedicated server for your website in India. You must know about what are the types of dedicated servers and how you decide to get one for your website.

  • Cheap Dedicated Server India

Almost every web hosting company offers various plans and packages for dedicated servers with different configurations and pricing. And the basic dedicated server plans in India are quite cheaper than the best ones. Because it comes with fewer features and resources. Cheap Dedicated servers in India are mostly used by organizations that do not require a lot of resources for better performance for their website. But a medium to large website can get the highest reliability and better performance for a cheap dedicated server in India. 

  • Standard Dedicated Server Hosting in India

These dedicated servers provide more build quality and better performance than cheap dedicated servers in India. These servers are mostly used by businesses that have outgrown the limitations of shared and VPS hosting.  

These servers are typically used for more features such as cooling systems, Network paths, data backups, etc.

The standers dedicated servers can be modified and configured according to your website requirements.

  • Dedicated Server for Enterprises in India

An enterprise Dedicated server provides the maximum reliability, availability, and performance to a website in India. It also has similar hardware that an IT company would use for its databases and applications. 

These dedicated servers are mostly used by large websites and e-commerce websites. Because it can be completely customized in terms of RAM, CPU, and SSD/HDD. And RAID. also depending on the web hosting provider you might have different options for connectivity and IP address, firewalls, and more.

  • High-Performing Dedicated Server

These are the servers that come with the highest configurations and resources. It is mostly used in data analytics and scientific computations. This category is mostly built for artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Most countries’ governments use these servers for agencies and in India, many universities, and big data companies use this dedicated server.

  • High Bandwidth Dedicated Server

These servers allow users to transfer a high amount of data between two network points. These servers come with high bandwidth and heavy resources. High-bandwidth Dedicated Servers are mostly used by High traffic websites, IPTV streaming, gaming servers, and bulk data transfers. 

  • Managed Dedicated Server in India

Just as its name suggests. Managed dedicated Servers are completely managed by the web hosting company. The hosting provider has some highly educated engineers and technical experts to configure and handle the India Dedicated Server. These types of servers are mostly used by those who don’t have much knowledge about servers and hosting. Also, company owners which don’t have time to manage their hosting buy managed hosting for their websites.

9 Uses of Dedicated Servers in India

Here in this section, we are going to tell you the 9 use cases of a Dedicated Server. 

  1. Website Hosting on an Indian Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are most commonly used for hosting websites. When you start a new website you start with cheap hosting like, shared or VPS that come with low resources and benefits. And once your website grows and demands more resources for better performance you have to switch your tabs to a better web hosting service. And dedicated Server hosting is the best option for growing websites in India. 

  1. Email Hosting

Email hosting is another use of a dedicated server. By using a dedicated server you can configure unique email addresses, and configure rules on how email should be used and how emails will be sent.

This helps you in reducing unnecessary bandwidth and gives you control over the content you sent through the email server.

  1. SaaS Web Hosting

SAAS( Software-as-a-services) is a way of delivering apps over the past few years. And dedicated servers are the preferred way of hosting SaaS apps. Because they provide the required resources and high processing power to serve a large customer base.

  1. Mobile App Hosting

Many mobile application developers use a dedicated server to host their apps in India. Most mobile apps need higher levels of Speed and a larger memory capacity and it can only be provided by a dedicated Server hosting. 

  1. Gaming Server

Many gamers who play games on competitive levels or stream use dedicated servers as gaming servers. A dedicated server comes with high processing speed, RAM, storage, and other capabilities than other hosting solutions in India. Which helps gamers to play games smoothly in high resolution and graphics.

  1. Data Backup

This is the most common use of the best dedicated server India. You know never when a disaster going to strike your website you lose all your company data, web data, or any other confidential or important data. So you can use a dedicated server to create a backup of all your data, so you can resource them later if needed.

  1. Testing application

Many software developers first need to check their software before launching it for users. And for that, they need a secure and reliable place where they can perform all tests and trials. A dedicated server hosting in India is the best option to test an application or software.


And that is it, that was the complete overview of all types of dedicated servers and how users can use it in India. All you have to do is find a reliable web hosting provider that offers dedicated servers at a cheap cost and multiple benefits. There are many things to look for in a  reliable and trustworthy web hosting company such as uptime, support, pricing, reviews, and many other things.

If you are not able to find a good hosting provider to buy a dedicated server, you can try Serverwala’s Best dedicated Server plans and packages for your website in India. They provide some of the best web hosting plans with numerous features and benefits. 

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